Should drug testing be forced on student athletes?

  • Playing for school teams isn't a right, it's a privilege.

    Student athletes play for the school because they've been accepted onto the team. One of the conditions of their admittance onto the team should be that they don't do drugs, and if they test positive for illegal drugs then they're off the team. Obviously they would need to give permission, but again, that's something they have to give if they want to be on the team. If they don't like that, they don't have to play.

  • Students should be willing to submit to drug testing as representatives of their schools.

    Students who take part in school sports are emissaries of their schools. Drug use is regarded as a negative habit and subsequently tarnishes the reputation of the school. Students should choose to take part in school sports with the understanding that drug testing, like maintaining good grades and committing to practices, may be a condition of being on the team.

  • Drug testing helps enforce fair competition.

    Student athletes should undergo drug testing to help enforce fair competition at the high school and college levels. While athletes are not paid at the student level, their performances do give them opportunities for the future if they are good enough to become professional. They should prove that they are good enough to compete at the highest level on their own merit, because once they get to the professional level, they will be subject to drug testing.

  • They may of only tried it once

    Students may of only tried it once and learned their lesson that drugs are bad. It is better for students to learn themselves than to be embarresd by their peers. These tests will only make student athletes more likely to do drugs. This will ruin their entire lives in careers.

  • They should not

    The kids should not be because you are making them feel like as if they are a horrible person. How would you feel someone asked you for a drug test? I would feel like they dont trust me or they want to get me cuaght. It should not be allowed.

  • The expense on top of the less than astounding results prove that drug testing is a waste of money and a waste of time.

    Most student athletes tend to not be involved in drugs due to the fact they already know the consequences if they are caught. Doing drug test costs thousands and thousands of dollars, which can be put into a different part of a school budget. If anyone should be forced to take a drug test it should be the obvious stoners. Schools shouldn't only punish student athletes for doing what non student athletes do regularly. Why only punish one but not the other?

  • No, student athletes should not be drug tested due to cost

    Drug tests are expensive and would cost a school district or a university too much to test student athletes. With how few athletes actually use performance enhancing drugs, tests would be a waste of money, most likely tax dollars, that are better spent elsewhere, such as on the student's education.

  • Drug testing is a violation of privacy.

    While drug testing has a valid place in some areas, such as a rehabilitation program, most universal drug testing programs violate individual privacy. The indiscriminate drug testing of all student athletes is only part of the endemic problem of drug testing in the United States. If there is suspicion of steroid use the issue is more debatable. However, mandatory drug testing of athletes or employees who have nothing to do with public safety is a violation of the rights guaranteed by the founding documents of the United States.

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