Should drug testing be mandatory for high school students?

  • Kids come to school high all the time and its not fair for the students who work hard.

    I personally have seen many kids come to school and be very very high or drunk, and it makes me mad that I work just as hard as they do but they aren't as responsible and they still pass. I think that if its school you should just stop with smoking and being high and other stuff when it comes to something serious. They should really be found and sent to jail because they are not welcome to do something that's illegal for everyone.


    Marijuana, Prescription Drugs, Ecstasy, Inhalants, and Cocaine/ Heroin are THE most common drugs teenagers get their hands on. Kids who start at a young age with Marijuana can go on to bigger and more powerful drugs. This drug can ruin many lives. 20% of teenagers use prescription drugs. Usually found in parents cabinets, teenagers take them to get high. Ecstasy is the club drug. Teenagers use Ecstasy for dancing in clubs, to make the experience more fun. Ecstasy is sold at cheap prices, so teenagers have the money to buy them. Another dangerous drug in the common homes is inhalants. Teens that have sniffed certain chemicals in the household in order to get high. Cocaine and Heroin, the most addictive drug, it gets teens VERY high. This drug ruined many lives. I’m just saying, testing teens for drugs is a good idea. Best reason, because if the school finds out a teen does a drug, the school can help out the students out. Send them to get straighten out.

  • Save the lives.

    There is right from wrong. And we should know as students it's wrong to do drugs unless prescribed by a doctor. It'll benefit students in their future lives by making right and smart choices. Drugs are not cool, and we don't need peer-pressure on other students in the school. And how is that fair for a sport athlete to take some kind of anabolic steroid and cheat to win a game when other students are not?

  • I'm a teacher

    I do not thing that it is right that they can come to school like that. They need to have more respect for themselves as well as their peers and teachers. Teachers are their everyday to try to help them and we can not help them if they are not willing to receive the help, such as if they are high or drunk.

  • Yes, students should not be doing illegal drugs.

    It's illegal and not right.
    I'm a Junior in High School and I live in an area where Marijuana is a big problem. Most students have done it at least once, some do it regularly. It's become a thing where, if you haven't tried it (me for example) you're an outcast and a loser because you didn't do something illegal. It's a social thing which isn't right. Now I feel bad for following the law.
    It can be distracting from their education and homework. A school should want their students to do well and graduate.

  • Stop the drug abuse

    As a parent that has seen the dreams of their son fade away because of some bad descisions he made, I believe that drug testing at this age would help put an end to drug abuse. We talked to our son about drugs and alcohol, he got good grades, hung out with kids which we thought were good influences, he was an eagle scout, but still one bad mistake and it
    snow-balled. The parents who put their head in the sand and don't think
    their child will do anything, they might not, but for the few of you out there
    that it will happen to...I feel for you. Your heart will be torn out and
    stomped on....A never ending roller coaster ride. Drug abuse in our schools today is far to serious than many of you know...The schools see it all the time. If we were successful in teaching our kids at home about these abuses we wouldn't be talking about this. Drug testing won't be the end of drug and alcohol abuse but it can put a dent in it and might save a few lives too!!

  • We Need Drug Testing

    Yes we need to know if our kids are going out and doing drugs! This random drug test could possibly save their lives! Its for the safety of the school and the safety of the children and families! We need drug testing because we dont want our friends and family getting high and thenm end up getting in a car accident and killing themselves or other people!

  • They should be tested

    There's a difference between people that work hard and ones that make it easy taking roids. I've heard people accused of steroids and if it was mandatory testing that would settle everyone's debate. As long as there is funding for the testing there shouldn't be an issue and it would keep high school sports as fair as they can be.

  • It's a good precaution.

    If students are doing drugs, then a lot of times they can't concentrate on their work, and could end up dropping out of school. Not to mention, drugs are very dangerous, varying in degrees depending on what it is you use. It may affect other students too, especially if whoever was using them offered some to someone. Therefore, with drug testing, you can stop that from happening.

  • If you're not doing drugs - -what's the worry?

    For safety, educational abilities, socialization, and the general well-being of the youth of our country -- we need to ensure a drug-free learning environment across the nation. The idea that teens should be taught to use drugs and alcohol in moderation is absurd. We need to educate kids that abusing illegal substances is not accepted -- and in drug testing helps deter students drug use, it's a valuable tool.

  • Violates our civil rights

    I feel this violates not only my child's right, but my right as a parent. It is my job to make sure my kids are staying safe. Lets even say your kid tried pot once, in this day and age everything goes into a data base. This is something that could follow them around for the rest of their lives. For the individuals thinking you just proved our point, no I did not. You all must of been perfect as kids.

  • Drug test may be false

    What if someone had put drugs into the drink, food, candy, etc. It can happen. And maybe they get poisoned. It's not their fault. And they are being accused for something they didn't' know or do. Also, there is a pill that people may take so that when they take a drug test it comes out negative. What if these kids are taking them? Yes so I don't agree with random drug testing in school.

  • Not all people are bad.

    Some people think that all high school students are drug users, but in reality there is very few high school kids that actually use drugs. I think that making innocent kids take drug tests is just wrong. Even having to take a drug test could ruin a person's reputation with other people. If a good kid who always followed the rules went to school one day and they had to take a drug test, how do you think they would feel? My guess is that they would not be happy with this situation and their reputation as a good kid would go away almost immediately just because they had to take a drug test.

  • It's just stupid.

    It's not worth it. Kids should be able to do what they want. It's their life, not yours. And even if they do, you will be fine. They just have to know how to do it responsibly. Parents get so paranoid when it comes to this topic. Just let it go. They're just kids. Let them learn.

  • Drug test may be false.

    What if someone had put drugs into the drink, food, candy, etc. It can happen. And maybe they get poisoned. It's not their fault. And they are being accused for something they didn't' know or do. Also, there is a pill that people may take so that when they take a drug test it comes out negative. What if these kids are taking them? Yes so I don't agree with random drug testing in school.

  • De-valuating Students Rights

    If you are forced to go to school, a drug test is most DEFINATELY an invasion of privacy. Every student then learns that they actually have few of the rights they have been taught since birth. It is sickening that we, as a nation, treat children as adults. No parenting?

  • NO NO NO

    I am not saying that kids should be doing drugs, but this isn't the debate. First of all the cost for drug testing is way to high for how ineffective it is and the poor condition our economy is in. Studies have shown that not only has there not been a change in the amount of kids doing drugs in schools that have already have this program in place, in some cases it has an opposite effect and kids are doing them more often. Second kids are very smart these days and are finding many ways to alter the results of tests. Another thing that is common is that kids will turn to alcohol or cocaine because they leave the body much quicker than marijuana would. Not only this if the child has been in trouble many times for even drugs that leave body in a day or two, they are turning to such things as airdusters ,that wont show up at all, which could be fatal on the first use, restricting air to the brain. Something to think about Many schools have just a standard urinalysis test in place, but don't test for steroids that cost up to $200 per test. That is not responsible of these schools. If you have to test then why not test for everything. Its one thing to test someone at a job, because they are getting paid to be there. Kids are required by law to go to school, with a system like this, what are we teaching our kids about privacy and give them up I suppose

    Posted by: kbye
  • It's just not right...

    I am against drugs completely. But I believe that students should not be searched without proper reasons. Imagine if the government broke into your house and searched and then tested you? We need to think about the Amendments here, the protection from search and seizure. I do not like seeing students on drugs, but if suspicion is given (bad grades, 'slacking', etc.) then maybe a test should be given. I actually place myself on the yes side, but the money of testing (it is not free) could be spend on new books, desks, teachers etc. due to the current economy.

  • Just--why?

    Is drug testing really important to the educational system? Last year, my school spent 180,000 dollars drug testing student athletes. That money could have bought new text books, new teachers, and maybe fix the electrical system at the school that never works.

  • It is stupid.

    Drug testing teens is retarded. Those who are addicted would just try to hide it better and try not to get caught. Telling them not to do it is just going to make them want to do it even more. If they decide to ruin their lives by doing drugs than that's your choice otherwise stay the freaking a out of it.

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