• Yes! Most drugs are illegal and can harm you

    If you are a drug addict I don't think you deserve to have the government help you. Welfare is to help you survive when you can't afford anything. I think it should only be used on housing, food, necessities like inexpensive clothing. If you blow all or even some of your money on drugs I don't think you should get it.

  • Don't give them the means

    Many would argue "Well if they get food stamps they can't use them for drugs." I'm sure they can trade them for cash value to someone, and in turn use that to buy drugs, or anything else they do not need. How about those on welfare who are "druggies" and have kids, if they use that money towards drugs rather than for the children then the children too are suffering. Leading to even more Government money used to provide for the child once they are taken away etc. We all fall on hard times one point or another, I'll sympathize, but don't mooch, don't exploit the system if you don't need it. Realistically all of the lower level working stiffs loose what is it 23%-30% income a year to taxes, so why should they have to bust their ass to pay for people who just want to sit around and do nothing.

    There are plenty of ways for you to go out, and better yourself and increase your potential for a new job. Take it, better yourself, support yourself, your family, become a contributing member of society.

  • Yes, why oppose if you're not on welfare

    Yes, there is no reason anyone should receive tax dollars if they are breaking the law, then costing more money by going to jail. Medicinal marijuana in the states that permit it should be expempt; and in Colorado and Washington state, where recreational is legal the question should be you can afford weed but not food? Admittedly the costs may be high initially but it is truly a loss leader as people who have money for drugs need to prioritize, so with less drug users on the system more money will be available for those who truly need it at this time and are actively looking for a job that can support them and their families

  • Drug testing should be required to get welfare.

    People who want to receive welfare should have to undergo drug testing. It is not right for a person to receive money for free from the government which they can use on drugs. People who work and pay taxes should not have to support people who do not even try to contribute to society.

  • Yes it should.

    Drug testing should be required in order to be able to get welfare. This will make sure that the people getting help from the government are not spending that money on drugs and are actually using it as it is intended. This will also help the government weed out all of the people abusing the system.

  • Yes, we're paying for it!

    Yes, our taxes are supporting the lazy and drug users, so honestly they should have to show that are trying to find a job and take a drug test. Because i do not care if you are a single mother. You have to try to support your family.
    Don't be lazy. Get off your butt, support your family, and don't do drugs. Do not be stupid with the money because lazy people like all of these people feeding off welfare are the reason we are in such debt.

  • Absolute waste of money.

    Only around 3% of welfare recipients are abusers of the system. It would cost far more money to administer and staff for this useless drug testing than we would ever save from welfare recipients who were on drugs.
    The vast majority of welfare recipients are the working poor, not freeloading leeches doing meth while mooching off the government. You want to kick some REAL moochers off the government gravy train? Drug test POLITICIANS.

  • Of Course Not

    How are we going to pay for this? How often are we going to test those who receive welfare? Would a person be realistically be able to challenge a false test if they are on welfare?

    This would make welfare more expensive (how much do you think nation-wide testing would cost?) and those who already cheat the system would be able to get around these tests quite easily. The likes of the MS sufferer who smokes a joint so they can sleep will be the ones who are punished.

  • Drug test the politicans who came up with this idea, instead.

    I can guarantee you that there are more drugs flowing through the bodies of the corpulent Republican politicians, who think they can score points with voters by beating up on poor people with initiatives like this. The poor use welfare to get by every month. That's it. Drug test our elected leaders instead.

  • No why should one assume

    When we do drug testing for welfare it gives it a huge negative impact to look at. With this new policy in states studies have shown that it is not even cost effective to do such a thing. So why should one even do it in the first place then?

  • Drug testing should not be required to get welfare.

    Drug testing should not be required to get welfare. If we did this then we would not only be hurting the individual but we would be hurting the entire family. I think we should not be allowed to do this because they will need assistance unless we want the homeless rate to increase.

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