• Yes, after intervention has failed

    Specifically speaking about hard drugs:

    They're a threat to public safety and private property when they're hopped up on their cocaine and heroin. Their "need" to chase highs also impedes their ability to earn a living, and since the drugs that they consume take a massive toll on their health they wind up having major issues when they're old. The health bills for that are then paid by the taxpayer since they tend to go to the ER, since they know that they can't pay.

    Also, people who distributing hard drugs and selling prescription medications should be given the Duterte treatment.

  • Drug users should be treated the same as all other criminals.

    I don't like the argument that drug users have health problems that justify that they shouldn't be criminally prosecuted or punished. I would think that if drug users have certain health problems that make them susceptible to committing drug crimes, all other criminals also have certain health problems that make them susceptible to committing the crimes that they do. It's not fair to everybody else. It's not fair to me, because I'm not a drug user and do not commit drug crimes.

  • Only if they've harmed someone else.

    If they hurt someone else due to being under the effects, then I would support prison.

    Simply using drugs however? They need help, not prison. I know nothing of legal jargon and existing laws, but ideally, I would prefer that users of hard and dangerously harmful drugs be forced to go through therapy to get back on their feet.

    It'd be the ideal ending for everyone.

  • Vague topic, but...

    In general it can't be argued that for the most part, drug users under the influence are psychologically impaired and are unable to make rational decisions. Due to this well known fact, I came to the conclusion that yes drug users should indeed be sent to prison. But I do understand that there are different cases and the connotation for what a "drug user" is has changed throughout the generations. In recent times, society has shifted to a more socialist, accepting, and outgoing state of being, and due to this I think the results of this poll is a bit biased. Weed, formerly considered a hard drug, is mainstream and is even progressively becoming legal all throughout the United States, and I doubt I would be wrong if I state that a considerable chunk of the drug supporters in this poll smoke weed. Looking at it from the laws standpoint, if someone under the influence of LSD were to go out of their way and treated all of our laws and standards like COD MW3, who do we blame? Do we blame the user, who committed the act, or do we blame the probible cause, the LSD? The answer? We don't let it happen at all. Keep the users off the streets, and odds are the problem wouldn't have occurred in the first place.

  • They're victims- not offenders.

    Drug users were either in tough times that lead to them resorting to drugs, fine before but just got themselves into the tough time that is addiction, or moderately use drugs and are fine.

    If it's case 1, we ought to be helping them get out their bad situation- not blaming them for it as that does nobody good.

    If it's case 2, read the answer for case 1.

    If it's case 3, nobody's harmed unwillingly are they? Their choice.

  • BUT put drug sellers in prison for a long time.

    Drug sellers prey off of addiction (Which is a mental illness) to make money, ruining people's lives and abusing the mentally ill. I'm counting sellers of cigarettes. For each sale proven they should be charged with an assault.

    Drug users should have mandatory rehab, but no prison time, just recovery time.

  • It doesn't help them or anyone else.

    What exactly are the drug laws supposed to do?
    If they are supposed to stop drug users, then it has failed as that.
    Once they're placed in prison it doesn't stop them from using drugs. It's been proven that prisoners are able to sneak drugs in prison and many prisoners die from overdoses.

    Drug Smuggling in Prison:

    If the drug laws are simply there to punish the drug users, then I have to ask: why?
    Why punish someone because they want to use/are addicted to a substance? It seems like trying to stop them from using it would make more sense. As far as we know, the best way of doing that would be changing the conditions that compel them to take drugs (their life isn't good so they use drugs to escape it, for example), or putting them through rehab.

    Prison is not the place for drug users, so look for a better solution that isn't punishment.

  • It Is Their Choice

    As long as it does not infringe on the rights of others, there is nothing wrong with it. What could be wrong is the distribution, as I believe that might be considered a business, so they might need permits and other stuff, but the user? He can do what he wants as long as it does not hurt others or violates their rights, which it usually doesn't.

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