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  • Decriminalize all drugs

    We've seen the track record of banning drugs, and it is even worse then our attempts to prohibit alcohol. Latin America gets this, being that they have faced the brunt of the "War on Drugs" where over one hundred thousand in Mexico alone have done in a brutal war that matches even Syria.

  • Decriminalization: regulating and controlling the flow of narcotics

    Drugs should all be decriminalized. Like the prohibition of alcohol, it's been proven to not prevent the use of the substance in any effective ratio, yet the increase in black market acquisition of the substance sky-rockets. Money goes into the pockets of those who own these black market channels and the criminal underground becomes stronger due to a drug being illegal.

    Furthermore, it creates a violent and dangerous atmosphere around the substance. There is no business bureau and regulatory body overseeing the processing, production and distribution of these substances. Therefore, when a person receives a bad batch of drugs, they have no one to complain to and no way to complain except by force or rolling over. The production of the drugs also poses a problem. How do you know what is going in won't kill you? There is no regulatory agencies overseeing the production and quality of the substance. Finally the distribution is the most shady front that we all see. The drug dealers that go to the houses that call them, that stand on street corners or shoot each other over who they sell to. They are trying to control a monopoly of an industry that allows monopolies to happen. Of course, through illegal means, there will be violence and unnecessary death. This is a symptom of drugs being illegal.

    When was the last time you heard someone dying of a bad batch of moonshine because it was made improperly. Or someone getting shot up because they sold alcohol to the wrong person. It's legal and we need to reconsider the implications of keeping all the other drugs illegal.

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