• Its useless to make them illegal

    Im not one to do drugs but if we ban them, then America will return to the "Sin Industries" like they were in the 30s. The world would be better without organized crimes and gangs in my opinion. Also tbh the only thing bad about drugs is the addiction and overdose of drugs. It may not be easy for some people to just do a little, however, so do what you need to, but remember: don't overdose or get addicted or YOUR LIFE WILL SUUUUUCK!!!!!!!

  • Yes they should be legal.

    If drugs are illegal, it will boost the development of new, and more dangerous drugs.

    Cocaine was first invented bacause of the high prices of marijuana. The high prices created a demand for a new, and less exensive drug. The reason of the high marijuana prices were because it were illegal. It it woud have been legal to do marijuana, then the extra demand for a new less expensive drug would not exist. This is the very reason that people use so called internet drugs today, they are less expensive than the illegal drugs, but they are way more dangerous, and some are even deadly in seconds.

  • Yes and No

    Drugs can be lethal and very addictive. Although drugs can be helpful, they are also harmful. Most risks and accidents are caused by drug abuse or being influenced by alcohol or drugs. Some people have committed murders under the influence and when they were sober, they had had no idea about what they had caused. Making drugs legal will make drugs more accessible to younger people and those who are addicted, therefore, people wouldn’t want help or rehab. However, making drugs legal will also make sure that people have safe access to drugs. Therefore a possible solution should be that people should have backgroumd checks before they are able to purchase and use drugs.

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