• Legalizing drugs is the logical thing to do

    Drugs should definitely be legalized, and they should be treated like modern legal drugs (tobacco and alcohol). The stronger the drug, the higher the tax and the price. There should also be a definitive age limit to purchasing drugs as well. And, it's not like after we legalize them, everybody's going to run around doing them. In fact, in Portugal, after they legalized drugs, their crime rate went down.

    Speaking of crime, crime is another reason we should legalize drugs. We put way too many people in jail for simply smoking pot or snorting cocaine. Why should the recreational and responsible use of drugs be illegal? People are free to live whatever lifestyles they want to. Also, drug cartels are a major problem right now. If we legalize drugs, they won't have anything to trade! Now, instead of having to get your crack from a murderous criminal organization, you can go to the store and buy some legally! There is little to no negative impact of legalizing drugs, and I think it's one step closer to getting to a free society.

  • Yes drugs should be legalized.

    Drugs should be legalized because it will make the appeal of them less favorable, will keep children getting dragged into drug rings, and allow those who already hooked get better supplies and keep from overdosing as often. It can also create a large revenue and save money on an already failing drug task force.

  • Drugs make society worse

    Drugs increase the violence in a society, it is prove. And children will eventually inherit this world full of violence. Future generations will pay the price for our decisions, so we should think about this clearly and think about all of the consequences, both good and bad. I find that the consequences are more bad, than they do good. If you want to leave this world crumbling down for our future generations, this is a good option for it.

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