• Sure, in Columbia, but not the U.S.

    Columbia is one of the key players when it comes to the drug trade. They lack the funds and resources to enforce their own anti-drug and anti-drug trafficking laws. Furthermore, they are fighting a civil war against FARC rebels; rebels who profit from the drug trade. It therefore seems highly logical to legalize drugs in order to defund the insurgent group. If drugs can be sold legally, FARC will no longer be paid by drug kingpins to protect illicit drug convoys, and so on. It will also allow the government to redirect money formerly used to crackdown on drugs, and to redirect it against the FARC.

    I don't think the problem exists in the U.S. To the same extent it does in Columbia. So reform is needed here to, but it should be selective and targeted. Columbia needs more sweeping change.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Prohibition Is Ineffective at Controlling Dangerous Drugs and Has Harmful Unintended Consequences

    Drugs should be legalized in Columbia and everywhere because drug prohibition is ineffective and harmful. The prohibition of drugs over the last 40 years has proven ineffective at keeping drugs out of our society. Billions of dollars have been spent by nations on law enforcement has not stopped the flow of drugs. All dangerous drugs are available for purchase virtually everywhere in the United States. The prohibition of drugs hasn't worked with extraordinary effort and expense and there is no reason to think to more spending and efforts to prohibit drugs will be effective either. Thus the prohibition of drugs does not work stopping the flow of drugs into society.
    The prohibition of drugs has the harmful unintended consequences. Prohibition of drugs creates profitable markets for criminals. These criminals have to organize to manufacture, distribute and sell the drugs as a business thus prohibition of drugs creates and finances international organized crime. Second , prohibition prevents drug abusers from getting help. People who have drug problems have difficulty getting help because their activities are illegal and when they seek help they can be arrested and jailed. Thus prohibition discourages people from getting help with abuse and addiction problems. Prohibition enforcement is expensive and violent. Since 1974 the united states has spent over a trillion dollars on the drug war and 100s of thousands of people in the Americas have been killed fighting the drug war.
    Program other than prohibition have been implemented in other countries that have proven to be effective at reducing the harms to society caused by illegal drugs. Portugal has decriminalized drug use and over the last 10 years has reduced drug use, addiction and abuse rates, crime and costs while providing help to people with drug problems.
    Drugs should be legalized in Columbia because laws prohibiting drugs are not effective at keeping drugs out of our society and because it causes many unwanted problems including funding organized crime, wasting billions of dollars, discourages people from getting help with drug problems. Portugal has shown that drugs can be made legal and actually reduce the harms caused by drugs. Thus Colombia should legalize drugs to reduce harms caused by drugs and drug prohibition.

  • Legalization as a New Concept.

    Humans have been using psychedelic drugs since the beginning of time, but laws to regulate these substances are a rather new concept. Drug liberalization seems to be the new trend, but to what degree will the government relax drug laws before it is too much? Is Colombia ready to handle these kind of policies?

  • Legalisation does the most to reduce harm

    Legal drugs means no more drug cartels, no more harmless people in prison, no more contaminated drugs, no more hypocrisy; it means more revenue for the state and more opportunity for the individual, better treatment for addicts, less crime committed by addicts... These are things that everyone wants. Don't let puritanism harm society.

  • Legalization will promote science

    All governments that have banned drugs have made it very very difficult for scientists to conduct studies on them. Then they say "we don't really know much about this drug" as an excuse to keep it illegal while they make it impossible for scientists to ever know much about the drug.

    If people abuse drugs that's their own fault. The government shouldn't be crippling science just so they can save stupid people from themselves.

  • Drugs laws are outdated

    Let people have the freedom to make their own decision while giving them support to help themselves
    the amount of money spent fighting this problem only resulting in so many people dying, driving people to use highly unregulated and uncontrolled substances is crazy.
    I can't understand how this issue hasn't already been resolved, society will surely look back on the past 40 years with incredible shame and disbelief.
    Regulate, tax, quality control, assistance, support, awareness, education
    surely these are all better options than imprisionment and death

  • More Drug Addict

    If you consider that legalization could accelerate the expansion of consumption and the number of addicts would be much higher, I think that before the people could become more dependent on this substances.
    Many people believe that with the legalization of drug could finish with the person producing this drug and it's not like that , one consequence would be the increase of the sell place.

  • Our country cannot resist more problems

    If drugs are legalize in Colombia its going to produce more society problems cause the people its going to want prove all kind of drugs and it can produce more addictive people that when do not have enough money to buy the drugs they are going to begin to steal to buy more and more drugs.

    In conclusion we cannot say "with legalization the drug dealer and the drug trafficking are going to disappear" . The solution can be more education, opportunities and less corruption.

    Paola Molina
    Communication 4

  • What do we want for our future?

    I posted in NO because there is not an intermediate chart which means MAYBE.
    I say maybe because at some point a disagree and agree with it.
    Why. Because it is not about Yes or No. It is about what´s the real problem we are talking about? And how are we going to solve it?

    First I want to invite you to think about Marijuana. Where does it come from? What is it for? How did indigenous use it?
    So let´s think first about its spiritual meaning, what it makes in the human brain to make it feel in other state which, with clear aims of consumption, expands the vision about life understanding...

  • Legalization will cause chaos.

    Think about all of the people who already do drugs illegally. What would happen if we made it legal? Utter chaos. To be perfectly blunt, most people would be high all of the time, something which is just unacceptable. I do realize that Science may advance from this by being able to study it more thoroughly, but they could come up with their own petition to be allowed to separately study drugs without them being issued to the entire Colombia.

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