• It's preferable to the witch hunts in the Philippines now

    Their new president has given people permission to play judge, jury, and executioner with anyone they suspect of dealing drugs. This has quite predictably lead to reports that innocent people, including people who had nothing to do with drugs, not even use getting killed based on false suspicions.

    Besides that drug dealers shouldn't be executed. Even if drugs can be bad, they're not evil, and they're not a scourge. Let's take the emotion out of the equation and think rationally. Drugs are just substances that have various effects on the mind and body. That's it. That's all that they are. Sometimes they can be effective tools for medicine. Sometimes people use them as tools to produce certain feelings or certain experiences. Whether taken as medication or recreationally drugs can have side effects, including addiction where a person starts experiencing negative feelings and sometimes physical symptoms if they stop taking the drug and starts craving more of it to experience the pleasureable feelings again.

    Should they be legal compared to every other option we have? I think that should be determined on a case-by-case basis (although it's preferable to the status quo in the Philippines). Maybe there's a good argument to be made to keep certain drugs illegal, but it does us no good to demonize drug dealers. Most drug dealers are poor street-level dealers, often feeding their own addictions or they naively (or rightfully depending on which drug we're talking about) see themselves as fighting for people's rights to ingest a substance they see as little more than another way to have a good time. Drug dealers should only be punished severely (and even then in a court of law, not by vigilantes) if they are involved in violence. Otherwise sentencing should focus on rehabilitation. Even if they are involved in violence I would say it should depend on what extent.

    One option that should be considered is that a drug could be legal in a limited way. For instance you could have a drug that is legal only if a person first signs a paper agreeing to a temporary period of involuntary commitment (voluntary to sign it, involuntary the moment they ingest the drug) based on the period of time that the drug effects the mind. I've pitched this idea before and people imagine a bleak, clinical like setting and say nobody would go for that. But confinement doesn't have to mean bleak and clinical. The facility could have a dance floor, theatre, all sorts of things to enhance the experience, just with trained medical and security staff standing by in case they need to intervene to stop an overdose or potentially dangerous behavior. Many people would prefer that over buying the drugs on the street or trusting a person they barely know to be their "trip sitter". This would save a lot of lives, particularly for people who just wanted to experiment and would've done it anyways, but we could also have maintenance and counseling programs for addicts.

  • Regulation for better control

    The only way, in my opinion, to destroy the corrupt and the criminals is to ruin their business legalization and the regulation of illegal drugs would result in no drug money, no drug lords, lesser crimes.Making them a prescription drugs to control potential abuse is a better control messure in my opinion... Right now my underage brother has better access to Meth than a bottle of beer... That's what illegalization does, it makes drugs available for everyone TAX FREE and No precaution.

  • Yes helpful drugs

    Helpful drugs not harmful ones. I don't see why medicine should not be legalized. Medicine can save someones life. What do you care about more, a persons life, or some dumb stupid law? I definitely think a life is more important than a law. Harmful drugs should be banned without a doubt though.

  • Legal Drugs Work

    Drugs should be legalized in the Philippines. There is no way to completely irradiate demand for drugs. There will always be drug users. Keeping drugs illegal creates a dangerous black market that fosters an environment of violence and intimidation. Legalizing drugs is one way to cut back on the rise in organized crime.

  • Not only Philippines, but the whole world must stop to Legalized Drugs.

    I'm in the medical field and I know that there are some benefits according to research especially treating pain . The problem is, it has been abused even if it's a prescription . Some people use it as an excuse that they have such conditions just for a convenience and they can resale it to others. I am in a country where it's Legalized and I feel sorry for people who are not drug users because they are a victim of any sorts of crimes every single day who are innocent, young and old due to this "Deathful Drug Society" You see all druggies everywhere in the city "Stoned" or Bangag. Is that a Healthy Society? Is that where all our tax are going? Are we spending more money for rehab programs, treatment and prevention? THINK ! See if you care . The wealth of the Nation is coming from every single citizen who are responsible enough to take care of themselves, their families , their children, friends , relatives and their fellow country man. It is a matter of choice if you wanna be wasted go for it and that is your freedom of choice. The government " MUST STOP DRUGS " in an absolute manner to save the Nation from Societal Diseases for a better future. Live a Healthy life , enjoy Nature because "Health is Wealth" The WHO - World Health Organization should be the prime players to eradicate illicit drugs. That's why I am voting for Duterte for President to eliminate "DDS" Deathful Drug Society.

  • Drugs are helpful?

    What the hell. I bet you guys don't research about drugs and its effect. You just rely on the internet. Drugs really affects one's mind. Yes, you may say there are no user that are killed. Because in fact, they are the killer. And legalizing It will lead to higher crime rate.

    Posted by: Dyob
  • Drugs in The Philippines Make No Sense

    Already illegal drugs absolutely shouldn't be legalized in the Philippines. Such legalization would make no sense and would undermine the stability of the country. Higher drug use rates lead to higher crime rates, so there's no reason any country should legalize potent drugs. There are too many consequences associated with doing so.

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