Should drunk drivers be arrested on their first offense?

  • It is just not fair for others that have losted family mebers just because of a drunk diver.

    A lot of people die a day because of a drunk diver. That just is not right. They do not even think of what could happen if they hit some one. Drunk divers just do not think at all. Sometimes drunk divers kill them selfs. So I think that drunk divers should be put in jail on their first offense

  • People are STUPID!!!!!.....To risk their life and others!!!!

    MADD Canada has adopted a comprehensive approach in assessing the impairment-related (alcohol/drugs) crash problem in Canada. MADD Canada has attempted to obtain a complete picture which encompasses: alcohol and drugs; all types of vehicles and vessels; the full range of harms and losses (fatalities, injuries, property damage, and their social costs); and crashes that occur on public and private roads and property, and on the water. This broad approach is mandated by MADD Canada's mission, which is to assist all victims of impaired crashes and to reduce the total number of fatalities, injuries, and property damage crashes.

    Other organizations and government agencies also publish reports on impairment-related crashes in Canada. Their data often differ from MADD Canada's, because they have defined their terms of reference more narrowly. For example, their fatality statistics may be limited to alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes occurring on public roads. Similarly, their injury data may be limited to injuries that require a hospital admission, and crashes that the police attend and for which they write a formal report. Simply because their data differ from those of MADD Canada does not mean that their data are inaccurate. Rather, these differences reflect their more limited scope of inquiry.

  • Of course they should be

    Just because it's the first time you've been caught doesn't make the act less of a big deal. Drunk driving kills people every day, it needs to be dealt with immediately or the incentive to avoid doing it in the future goes down. The last thing you want a drunk driver thinking is "well I got caught once, but I doubt I'll get caught again", they need to fear the consequences if the action itself isn't enough of a deterrent.

  • Drunk driving should not be tolerated.

    I had a friend who died at 17 because he was drunk
    driving. Because of him, I have never
    driven drunk in my life. It’s just not
    worth it. Too many people die a year from
    drunk driving for us to tolerate it.
    People should get a DUI every time they are caught drunk driving. There should be a zero tolerance policy in
    place nationwide.

  • When your mind is so fuzzy, you forget about killing others.

    While drunk driving is horrible, I'd bet that nearly every person drunk driving isn't "thinking" about risking a life. If your drunk, you brain reasoning system doesn't work as well. Instead of temporary jailtime which might not even solve the problem, they should put into an anti-addiction organization.

    Basically, instead of sending them to jail for something they would never do without intoxication, try to help them become better. This should be true for everything. Try to HELP the criminal become a better person, instead of possibly making it worse with jail time or a ridiculous death sentence.

  • It's Not As Dangerous As You Think

    Texting-While-Driving is the most dangerous form of driving. Our laws, however, do not reflect the danger. We focus on those who are ill instead of what science and statistics dictate. If most drunk drivers have driven drunk dozens of times before getting pulled over, then they drove drunk very well. Our laws should reflect impairment; whether it's driving drowsy, driving drunk, texting, speeding, etc. Speeding and drunk driving have about the same number of fatalities. Senseless arrests and court appearances are a waste of time and money. The whole system is biased and appalling.

  • No arrest-just treatment

    A fair addiction assessment should be mandatory without penalty if the driver is addicted. Treatment should be offered and no fines imposed to help the drunk driver pay for treatment. MADD has had two Presidents arrested for drunk driving. MADD can't even obey what they preach. We should give drunk drivers a fair chance at recovery. Stay out of their way.

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