• They become weapons of mass killings.

    BY drinking and driving they are no longer capable of controlling their own answers and they are a threat to innocent people and can kill anybody. If they are imprisoned they will learn a lesson. They must know that their actions have consequences and if they repeat it there will be worse consequences and punishments.

  • Yes they should

    All the other people saying no they should not are probs drunk drivers themselves. I bet if one of their family members was killed or harmed by a drunk driver they would change their mind so quick its insane. . . If it against the law do drink and drive why should the punishments be so "weak"? It is the same as shooting someone. . . You can take someones life both ways but i don't see anyone wanting to reduce gun laws too. I don't get why people acting as if drunk driving is not even a big deal. . . If you do your research about 4 canadians a day die from drunk driving and more are harmed, While in the U. S. 28 people die a day due to drunk driving while more are injured. About 10, 000 people die a year from drunk driving. In 2010 alone, Alcohol misuse cost the U. S. 249. 0 billion dollars. In 2012, About 3. 3 million people or 5. 9 percent of all global death were caused by drunk drivers. Take that into consideration. U can ask if people need help how are they going to get the help they need in jail? Well if they really wanted help they would not be drunk driving because there would be people trying to help and support the driver. . . So if the driver does not want to help him self why should he be able to just get away with only a ticket if the driver could have killed or harmed some else!

  • Definitely - and I have done it. .

    Drink driving is a serious offence that can endanger life. I drove when under the influence several years ago (more then once) and on one occasion I was very drunk. There were circumstances which made me do it but that is no excuse. I was lucky and didn’t get caught, But I deserved to be punished as much as anyone, And should have gone to jail.

  • Ooooooooops and oooooooooof

    When i was in the third grade i thought i was skinny, And then i looked in the mirror and saw i had man titties :) stop i could have dropped my crisont ha ha ha ha ha ha losers they only say no because they the ones who went to jail lol

  • Its still drunk driving

    No matter who they were hanging out with they should know that it is still the law and no matter if they have a clean record or not they still did something illegal and something that could cost many lives, drunk driving is one of the most dangerous things period.

  • Yes. They certainly should be imprisoned

    As soon as someone makes the decision to get behind the wheel when under the influence they are a danger. People do know that cars are weapons. And when someone gets behind the wheel that cannot function correctly or the way their brain is telling them too, that person is using a vehicle as a lethal weapon.

  • If jail time is the punishment people will not drive while intoxicated.

    It's not about people getting help for a problem, or stopping them from drinking, it's about them not driving while intoxicated. If people understand that if they are caught driving while under the influence they will be arrested and put in jail, They will no longer drive after drinking over the legal limit.

  • Yes they should

    They should get arrested because drunk driving is endangerment to everyone & everything around them. Many drunk drivers claim they are swerving to avoid an animal or a human but they are lying. Sometimes if people are caught drunk driving and then they have to pay a fee of a few hundred dollars but then they have done it again and again.

  • Drunk drivers don't deserve any justice or pity

    It is their fault if they get caught being stupid and people die. If they don't go to prison, they should atleast be ordered to a rehab center to treat their problem. If people want to get drink, its fine but other people shouldn't be endangered because people can't make wiser decisions. GET SOME COUNCELING

  • Yes, they should be detained

    Drunk driviing can cause danger to the driver and to all those near by. Someone earlier stated you may swerve to avoid an animal, or a person, but all the cop saw was you swerving; that is TERRIBLE excuse, if the person is well aware they are drunk, they should not even get in their car.

  • You Are Part of the Problem

    If drunks keep driving drunk then there is something wrong with this judicial process. You can't throw sick people in jail and expect them to come out just fine. They need professional help. It's no different than getting medical treatment for diabetes, cancer or even a broken limb. The difference is that it's the brain. It's far too complex for the average person to try to remedy. Leave it up to the professionals, just as you would leave it to the endocrinologists, oncologists and orthopedists.

  • No no no

    No, they shouldn't be imprisoned for their first offense. If their record is clean then maybe they just hung out with the wrong group. But if they have a record then maybe. So my answer is yes and no. But mainly no. I am a christian and i want people to learn but going to jail/prison for 8 years or more? No

  • Would you agree to it if it were you

    Not everyone is a repeat offender and might not even be impaired but over the breath limit. You don't always know the circumstances behind that first offense. The comments of people on here are so judgmental of situations they don't even know about. Their opinions change when it is them or their kids though. Like with a couple past Presidents of MADD who were way over the legal limit and were let go because of their position. What is good for the goose isn't always good for the gander. THINK before you condemn others... WHAT IF IT IS YOU .... Coming home from a ball game or party and swerving to miss a pot hole or animal and all the cop sees is you swerving. You only had a couple but it is enough to put you over the legal limit due to your body weight ratio to the drink... If you still think they need to be locked up then i hope your the first and barely over the limit when it happens to you, half a block from home ......

  • No certainly no

    Everyone makes mistakes. All people and all humans. No one expects things to go wrong or for people to get hurt or even die. To put these people in jail is not right it was a mistake. There are worse crimes and worse events than this and to put people who made a single mistake in jail will ruin them. We should not be so eager to put everyone in jail. Yes, I believe that drunk driving should be taken seriously and prevented so some form of punishment should occur, but jail is not always the answer. People can lose everything when they go to jail. To ruin someone's whole life, to possibly take them away from any of their family or friends or children because of a mistake doesn't seem right.

  • Drunk driving is not a frequent event

    Fine them, but spare them. May be the police man be authorized to slap them or confine them for a short period. His family photo should hang in there in front of drivers seat. His drivers license be suspended for an year! Or his car seized for three months or some thing like that

  • No, that's too harsh

    Drunk drivers should not be imprisoned on their first offense unless they cause a serious accident that results in grave injury or death. Nevertheless, drunk driving is an offense that must be taken seriously, so drivers should be fined and given points on their license for every offense. And there should be a "3 strikes and you're out" policy that takes your license away if you're a repeat offender. Maybe 2 strikes would be better

  • everyone makes mistakes

    They make mistakes and use poor judgment. As long as they do not hurt anyone, then the current laws are fine. Besides, we have enough people in prison anyways. This country has a problem of imprisoning people for every little thing they do. Prison ruins people lives because it makes it dang near impossible to get a job. Let's find other ways to educate people about drunk driving instead of throwing everyone in prison.

  • No, drunk drivers should not be imprisoned for first offenses.

    I do not believe that drunk drivers should be imprisoned for first offenses. The only time a drunk driver should be imprisoned for first offenses is if somebody is hurt or killed due to their reckless behavior. I think that drunk drivers should be punished severly though with fines and having their license suspended.

  • Drunk Driving is Too Ambigious of a Term

    Drunk driving is bad and shouldn't be condoned. But someone who had a little too much to drink is way different than someone that is wildly drunk and has caused and accident and or damage. There are different cases of drunk driving, and each one needs to be look at case by case, as we do today.

  • The Accident Did Not Happen

    Folks on the opposite side of the page are creating scenarios that did not happen. We need to imprison people for what DID happen. The act of driving drunk is not intentionally harming anyone. The bias is obvious. The desire for extreme punishment for drunk driving isn't the same as for other moving violations even when an accident occurs from speeding, running a stop sign, etc. The laws should be standard across the board for all moving violations, dependent upon the result of the incident. Why clog up the courts and prisons for no harm done?

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