• Yes, I believe drunk driving laws should be stricter.

    Drunk drivers are responsible for a lot of deaths on the road. I personally feel that the law should crack down harder on people who drink and drive. There are inventions that are in the works, such as personal breathalyzers. Inventions such as these, that would keep people from being able to drive at all if alcohol is detected on their breath, are preventative and fair. Even if it were required that all people had to use these in order to start their cars, it would be a small price to pay for safety on the road. Also, people often get slapped on the wrist (such as needing to take classes) if they are caught drinking and driving, which is not enough to keep them from doing so again. People who drink and drive probably will not quit, unless the punishment is far worse than it currently is.

  • Drunken laws should be stricter.

    I think that even slapping them with a breathalyzer mandate is not enough. They need to do time or something pretty harsh so that they are more afraid of drinking and driving. So many families get affected by drunk drivers killing their father, mother, brother, sister, and so forth. All because someone decided to drink and drive. Most of the time the drunk driver walks away not hurt or mildly hurt from these accidents. It is so outrageous and infuriating.

  • Yes drunk driving should be stricter

    Drunk driving law should be stricter because it will make our country accident rate decline.For example,give the fine about 1000 $ and give them penalty of suspense their driving license ,after 5 year only they can retake their license.Drunk driver should give the penalty is because if their make a mistake and the accident happen it will make the road user injured if seriously will cause them lost their life.

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  • Drunk driving laws should be stricter.

    Nothing is more important than safety, and drunk drivers put everyone at risk. There should he harsher penalties against drunk drivers in order to deter people from taking the risk. Law enforcement can send a strong message to drinkers. Of course, education is also key in solving the problem of drunk driving.

  • Not Unless All Driving Laws Are Stricter

    All moving violations should be based on what happened. Speeding and drunk driving kill about as many people, yet the penalties for speeding are ridiculously mild. They should be the same as drunk driving and texting should be more severe than drunk driving. Concentrate more on finding a better means of diagnosing addiction and a cure.

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  • MADD puts us at Risk

    MADD has pressured state legislators into increasing penalties for drunk drivers. It has become extremely punitive, expensive, time consuming and harassing for drunk drivers who are trying not to drink. So naturally, those addicted to alcohol relapse, which puts the drunk driver at risk for another drunk driving incident. Then, we are all at risk for an accident. Don't blame the repeat offender, blame MADD.

  • Former M.A.D.D. Chapter Presidents got a Arrested for DUI

    Two former MADD Chapter Presidents have been arrested for drunk driving. One was a deputy police chief. We can no longer respect this hypocritical organization because they do the very thing they attack others for doing. Addiction is a disease and treatment is the best option, not the horrendous, endless punishment MADD has convinced lawmakers to pursue.

  • Treatment, Not Punishment

    Many drunk drivers need professional help to stop drinking. There are so many penalties with a drunk driving offense, that treatment and long term care isn't affordable. It's the most important thing to stop drunk driving. MADD has brainwashed society and has caused drunk driving incidents due to the harshness of penalties with no focus on treatment and recovery.

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