Should DVDs of all three seasons of Adventures from the Book of Virtues be sold in Walmart & Target?

Asked by: erindowning16
  • Yes, People and Companies Should Sell Anything They Want

    Yes, these megacorporations should be able to sell any cheaply-made plastic entertainment products they want. If you don't like The Book of Virtues seasons, don't watch it and don't buy it. Speaking of not buying it, I don't buy anything at Wal-Mart or Target. I don't believe in slave labor. Those cheaply made products come at a higher cost. I'd rather pay a dollar more in order to keep it local. Everything is connected.

  • DVD's of adventures from the book of virtues should be sold in shopping centers.

    Is say the reason this should be so is because. TV shows like that was doing this world a lot of good.
    1 It teaches moral goodness
    2 It teaches us how to handle problems we face
    3 It's good positive oxygen
    4 It explains how good virtues work
    5 It helps us lead good lives

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