Should Dylann Roof (South Carolina shooting) get the death penalty?

Asked by: myk97
  • Of course he should

    How could the murder of nine innocent church-goers not go unpunished with the death penalty? It's unfortunate that once you give the death penalty to a guy like Dylann Roof, you can't give it again. This kid, sane or insane, deserves nothing less than the death penalty. No one should get away with a mass murder incident like tho one, whether that's from a man, woman, white, black, rich, poor, American or international.

  • He deserves to die.

    He went up to a church and killed innocent people. Now that we have proof he did it, he deserves to receive what he did to the victims of the shooting. Killing innocents is unacceptable and people who kill innocents deserve to be sentenced to death and suffer as they did.

  • South Carolina has the right as a State.

    South Carolina reinstated the Death Penalty back in 1974. With that, The state as the right as a self governing entity to use this power to punish the guilty. This person is not only guilty of a horrible attack on innocent church-goers, but is is yet another threat to our society. If he is not punished harshly and swiftly, then it shows that if you do something this terrible the only thing that will happen to you is you'll get a free place to sleep and three meals a day for the rest of your life.

  • I believe in Death Penalty in some cases.

    As a society, we cannot allow people like him to exist. Intended to kill innocent people with malice afore thought. His reasoning based on hate and pure evil. He though evil, he acted out evil, he committed mass murder of citizens in place of worship. He cannot live here. Not tolerated.

  • He had an accomplice ;

    Yes,he murdered those people plain and simple. I also have a question,why did someone buy him a gun for his birthday (assuming this is true ) ? You would think that a friend would know he was mentally ill and not go there. Now let's just say it wasn't a friend that gave him the gun,but someone who had something to gain by this tradgey,but didn't want to take the heat so they groomed his mentally ill mind then gave him the idea and the weapon to bring their wish to fruition . Now there is a thought.

  • Unfortunately, I think so.

    Ezekiel 13:19, which I am sure the victims of the shooting were familiar with, supports the death penalty. As God himself says to Ezekiel, "You have profaned me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, putting to death souls who should not die and keeping alive souls who should not live, by your lying to my people, who listen to lies."

    We (society) let people live who should die, and we also profane God for benefits (even just social standing benefits). Clearly this about three-thousand year old statement has relevance, not to mention it is from the living and active Bible, which penetrates deeper than any double edged sword, dividing soul and spirit, bone and marrow.

  • He did bad things before

    He took drugs and was convicted of two arrests before getting the death penalty. In my opinion, I think that the quote 'An Eye For An Eye' is the best way. If that specific person had recently injured an innocent person(NOT SELF DEFENCE) etc. cut off his arm/leg, he should receive the same injury as the victim. If the attacker kills the victim, then he should die himself.

  • He deserves to be dead

    He deserves to be dead, but even more, he deserves to live a terrible life in a jail cell rotting away and begging for mercy. Put him through hell because he has brought many families and a society to hell for being the way he is. There is no excuse for what he did and there needs to be a punishment that doesn't let him slip away and die.

  • He was a savage killer.

    He was clearly motivated by hatred and he made his sick fetish a reality by murdering innocent people just because they happened to be black. He even has some supporters on Stormfront, that should say more than enough about the sick support that a murderer is being given, he even wanted a race war, how can anyone in their right mind support him?

  • He absolutely should get the death penalty

    This man killed innocent people. Regardless of what religion, it is not ok for anyone to bust up in a Church and kill people. People who do not agree with Christians or any other religion for that matter does not have to go listen to it. He should get the death penalty. However, she shouldn't get to sit on death row for 20 plus years either. His victims didn't get an extra 20 plus years to live. So what's fair about that? He chose to take those actions of taking innocent lives. Not to mention what it cost the tax payers for him to sit on death row or in prison. That money could be spent feeding starving children in this country. People say the death penalty is inhumane. So what about his victims....Wasn't it inhumane what he did to them? There are some who won't like what I said but that's OK....Everyone has their opinion & this is mine.

  • NIMBY, eye for an

    We supposedly aren't cavemen anymore so an eye for an eye mentality should be behind us. The average death penalty perp costs USA taxpayers ($232.7 million per year) ... And a system which imposes a maximum penalty of lifetime incarceration instead of the death penalty ($11.5 million)."
    --California Commission on the Fair Administration of Justice, July 1, 2008
    On an economic basis, it doesn't make sense to keep the death penalty alive as we dig ourselves further into debt, $17 trillion plus and counting.

  • Better solutions available

    We need to solve this problem, not just punish him. Spending your money shouldn't be a problem, if it means that felons can be reformed. Sending him to jail to attempt to correct him would be a much better solution. Also, he wasn't just doing this action to be racist, he preformed this action because he hated America!
    Would fighting fire with fire REALLY be the best option here? Really?

  • We would be killing a peice of the puzzle

    I'm not sure how anyone can support the notion that we need to tell people they shouldn't kill by... Killing them? America is one of the only 'civilized' (and I use this term loosly) countries in which the death penalty is still a thing. We are on the same list as countries we typically view as reprehensible, such as China, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria etc. Indeed, it can be theorized that America's own swiftness to condemn those different than us can be attributed to how this child acted. We need to shift the focus from revenge politics to finding out the why and how; why this dude felt the way he did, and how we can prevent people from feeling like this in the future.

    Revenge politics only distract from the real issue, and offer no substance for debate or rational policy making. We should be asking this kid what news source he watches instead of condemning him to death. To put him to death would be idiotic, because you're literally killing a very important peice of this terrible puzzle.

    I know it's painful, but we can't keep reacting to violence with violence. It creates a nasty culture.

  • No - it would martyr him

    This shooting was clearly ideologically-motivated. It was done in the name of the white-supremacist movement and hence, if Dylan Roof was to be executed, he would become a martyr for the movement.
    As can be seen by the Christian persecution by the Romans, it is clear that martyrdom is a good thing for any ideology. It goes without saying that we don't want to help racist ideologies.

  • No more death-penalty

    Since I heard of Carlos Deluna I'm against the Death Penalty.
    The court sentenced him to the death penalty, only to find out about 40 years later that it was actually a mistake.
    To read more:

    This leads me to the conclusion that killing one innocent guy isn't worth killing a lot of awful, very awful people-- rather than just send them to jail for a large amount of time (till he dies?)

  • The death penalty shouldn't even be legal.

    If any of you on the side of yes are Christians you should rethink your decision. I'm not a Christian but the NT elaborates over and over on the value of forgiveness. I find it ironic that Christians overwhelmingly support the death penalty while Jesus preached forgiveness as a resolution.

    Posted by: SE2
  • He Did This Because He Knew They'd Give Him The DP.

    You all realize he knows he is going to get the death penalty, right? Murder innocent people to get the "movement" going, die before you see it start? This man went into a church intent on killing people and he is fully aware that he is going to die, peacefully. We are giving him what he wants.

  • Im against the death penalty.

    Im against the death penalty in general and i dont make exceptions. Im against it in all situations because if you make an exception then your being hypocritical and your not really anti death penalty. But all the same this guy is sick. Just plain sick and this was a horrible tragedy.
    Speaking of hypocrytes, if south carolina hates this guy so much and wants to excecute him, they should show it by taking doen the confederate flag in their jistice building first.

  • The death penalty is too good

    Dylann Roof should not get the death penalty. It's what he wants, as he tried to shoot himself after killing 9 people. He will not suffer if he is dead, only his innocent friends and family will. Keeping him in prison for the rest of his life without possibility of parole will make him suffer with his actions. And if the families forgave him, nobody has the right to go against the families wishes after they have suffered enough already.

  • Hypocrisy of the situation exempt.

    The wrong way to approach a situation is to inflict what someone is accused of upon them. When someone steals something, the government doesn't just steal the same thing from that person, they teach them a lesson. Lessons to ensure that person won't commit the same crime again p l.

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