• He will never change.

    Some people believe he will change in prison, but he won't. Even if he does he can never reverse the pain he caused people and their families. Like the saying goes,"an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Therefore, he needs to pay for hurting and killing innocent people.

  • Eye for an eye.

    Dzhokhar Tsarnaev should get the death penalty. The punishment should fit the crime. He is responsible for deaths and terrorist acts during the Boston Marathon. He should be put to death for taking the lives of people. Years in prisons would not be a justifiable punishment to the families of the dead.

  • Die Die Die

    Die Die he is evil, a truly evil man he is. He was a participant of the boston bombings, killing lots of people and causing alot of grief. He and his brother should burn in hell and suffer for all eternity, it was his fault that peace was boken so the should all die, as any terrorist should!

  • Killing people unnecessarily is ALWAYS wrong

    The state should not have the authority to kill people other than as self defense. It is a human rights violation to deprive someone of their life, no matter how evil they appear/are. Killing individuals/citizens the state or population despise is a dangerous precedent. Roughly 85% of Boston residents, and 80% of Massachusetts residents oppose the death penalty in this case, as do the parents of the 8 year old child who was killed. Europe, Australia, and Canada, as well as almost all developed countries have gotten rid of the death penalty. It is another stain on the reputation of the United States, and is symbolic of a people who give in to their baser instincts for retribution/revenge.

  • Thats not right

    It is not right to kill someone because they killed people. It was his F**king brother who did the bombings. Give him life in prison. That is what he deserves. The U.S. does not need to be fighting wars on any soil but their own. They are greedy. Put him in prison.

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