• They are better

    Unlike the two guys who say no over there, i happen to own one, and it has never died on me, and it has a light. It also has an airplane mode so you can use it on one. Despite what they are saying, i love my nook and it is very fast too. It is by the way, not very expensive.

  • Internet Books Instead of Paper Books?

    Has the thought, “It would be so much easier to read on a electronic,” ever cross your mind? If so, this is the article for you. Reading on an electronic in school most likely seems like a good idea to you. Well its not.Even if your teacher would allow it, she is making it harder for herself, and you are too.You could mess around and actually not read.You are probably going, “Me? NEVER!” There won't be the temptation if you can cozy down with an actual book. Then your teacher won't have to worry and won't be looking over you shoulder 24/7 as well.If one school starts to read on electronics, they all will. Then its ruining a tradition! Sure you probably dont care, but some do! We have used paperback and hardcover books for YEARS! Why stop now? If people read on electronics, they will never get to feel the epicness of the paper and the joyful smell of a new book. Then they will never get to read traditionals, which are really good. Then the kid won't ever know if they like traditionals, who knows, there favorite book may be a traditional.Kids are already on their devices to much, this will make it worse!Study shows a regular kid is on an electronic for 8.5 hours a day. Wow, and only 38 minutes of old fashioned reading.ABC News mentioned to a group of kids, “Back then, kids would play with a stick, it could be anything they could dream up.A boy of age eleven’s response, “Maybe if it was a virtual stick.” The world shouldn't need to rely on a video games.They shouldn't need to play a video game to go on an adventure.Grab a book and read to get sucked up into a world of fantasy adventures.Not everyone has electronics.Its not fair if some people are on there electronics and others cant cause there parents won't let them and they dont have anything.You dont need a charger or you dont need to worry about a glare and if you're reading a sad book and you cry you will get you watery tears on the electronic and break it.Expensive.Internet access to download.You can buy a really cool bookmark and you dont have to turn anything on to go back to your spot.You cant read it on a airplane.Opposing Viewpoint: You can't always get the book you want, with original books.Not being able to find the EXACT book helps you to mix it up a bit and try something different.You will end up finding the book eventually and just read the book when you get home on your device.Students need to stop begging to read on a device.I understand bringing them in your backpack but you dont need them to read.Try reading without epic or newsla or a electronic in general, dont jump to conclusions and say there's no “Regular” books in school to read and I need to use my electronics, try something new, you may surprise yourself.

  • Books are magical

    There is a certain magic when holding a book. I own a kindle and when I read a book from my favorite book series there, it made me hate that book. When there are more kindles than books, I will know that humanity has reached a new low and there will be no coming back.

  • Real books are better

    I don't think that ebooks are better than real books because there is nothing better than picking up your favorite book (tfios;) on a cold day with a cup of hot coco and flipping through the pages. Also you don't have to charge it, and looking at a screen for a long time is not good for your eyes.

  • No, they shouldn't replace them.

    There are pros and cons to e-books and traditional paper books. E-books are obviously more environmentally friendly. Also, new e-books are generally cheaper than new physical books. However, e-books require a reader. If this is a tablet, it requires frequent charging. Physical books can be carried everywhere and read anywhere there is light. Some people will just be very slow to make the switch to e-books and companies should continue to offer both options.

  • No, eBooks should not completely replace books.

    While eBooks are convenient, regular books should not become obsolete. Books with plenty of how-to information would not be useful in an eBook format since there are illustrations and sometimes patterns which require the user to have in physical form, not just on a screen. Beyond that, not everyone wants an electronic device nor can they afford one. And some people just really enjoy picking up an actual book and flipping through the pages, highlighting items and dog earring pages.

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