• Prohibition would be a disaster

    E-cigarettes are terrible. They might be slightly better to be around than normal cigarettes, but just barely. But they are legal and they should be legal. Each and every attempt to make drugs illegal, whether with alcohol, marijuana, or anything else, has been a complete failure. Repeating the mistakes of the past with e-cigarettes would not make any sense.

  • Hell yes. All the enjoyment of a cigarette with no smell

    No bad breath, no whining about second hand smoke and all the nicotine without the additives that essentially kill you.

    Im a huge fan of eCigarettes and think they need to gain wider acceptance in the public and in the workplace. Imagine the increased productivity of smokers who aren't going outside every 10-30 minutes for their fix and imagine not having to pass through a cloud of smoke because draconian workplace laws forced people out back by the dumpster.

    The future is here. And its in the vapor.

  • What Do we Know?

    The answer to that is not enough. E cigarettes are a fairly new thing and as of yet we don't know the long term effects or the second hand effects. This just got popular in 2011! If we compare this to actual cigarettes when they first became popular, we would see that they did not know that cigarettes were bad within 4 years. Frankly, I think that e cigarettes are merely an excuse for smoker to keep their life style, and that is not something we should encourage.

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