Should e-Cigarettes become more accepted in society, ie the workplace, restaurants, public places?

Asked by: AngstChrist
  • Whereas the vapors emitted contain no noxious chemicals, hell yes.

    Smoking regular cigarettes/cigars is a nasty habit whose health risks are well documented and known. The evidence on the dangers of second hand smoke however, leave a lot to be desired and are questionable in many ways.

    That said, e-Cigarettes should be more acceptable in society, including in places thought before to be too dangerous for second hand smoke risks. They emit none of the cancerous byproducts and the nicotine is delivered and absorbed on the inhale, not the exhale.

    I personally vape with Halo's G6 and enjoy a variety of flavors whose nicotine content ranges from 6ML to 24 ML -- I am the only one ingesting the chemicals, so why bother me?

  • I say no!

    Because it could get other kids/people to smoke or if people will start bringing in real cigarettes and say is e-cigarettes and people do have asma and it and it could d that could effect people who have it and it could stick up the place really bad a places will havet to shut down

  • Um, I don't think so.

    There's nothing cute about the act of real smoking or simulated smoking. It's a dirty, unattractive habit. It's an addiction. Why would you want to seem like you have a nasty habit? ECigs are another stupid excuse to let people continue on with their bad habits; we're just sweeping it under the rug. I know if I owned a restaurant, I wouldn't allow these things.

  • It should never become cute.

    As an avid ecig user and supporter of ecigs I think it is important that we realize that it is still an addictive habit and no addiction should ever be completely socially accepted. Wether it produces ill-effects to the user or to the surrounding people is not the point here...... The point is that the public display of addictive behavior such as blowing plumes of addictive vapor into the air is not good. As an adult however I enjoy my ecig.... In my car, In smoking lounges and in my own house.....When at a restuarant I just don't vape.....Makes the vape in the car back home better in anycase!! Vape-On(If you are an adult)!!

  • Society should not be more accepting of e-Cigarettes

    Society should regulate the use of e-Cigarettes to the same category as regular cigarettes. The e-cigarettes mime the same motion as smoking a cigarette it just contains some supposedly "safe" compounds. It still creates oral fixation and the side effects of use of e-Cigarettes are not really known. It is also an industry that makes money by creating more dependence, just on a different product.

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