• Yes, each states should be responsible for energy dependency.

    I think that each state in the USA should take some responsibility when it comes to the issue of energy dependency. While I think the government should take a responsibility as a whole, each states should also try to govern the problem on a local level since it is quite a task.

  • We can't leave it to the feds.

    Yes, each state should be responsible for insulating itself from energy dependency, because the federal government has not seem to come up with uniform plans that have worked so far. Each state individually can know what each state needs in order to be independent. If the other states aren't willing to take action, the state itself can do so and see some benefit.

  • Yes They Should

    I do not believe energy dependence is handled very well at a federal level and I do not think we are making enough strides forward to guarantee energy dependence. For this reason, I feel that each state should also work on methods to become energy dependent that can focus at a local radius, specific to their regions.

  • not at all

    no, i think that the government in the fed sense needs to make all of the states better in energy, not just the states them selves. I think that it would be good for all of the systems to go together to help out the world in this crisis over energy.

  • This is a national issue

    I whole heartedly believe in a federalist system whereby the states take on responsibilties more often than the federal government, but I see certain issues like energy dependency as one where the federal government is better suited. It is a nationwide issue that will require something to be done, and no state can be left behind.

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