• Yes, I think so.

    He has a high profile job in which being busted for smoking marijuana is cause for a suspension. The gun incident will likely not help his cause with the NFL. DUI, speeding, tinted windows ... it all adds up to stupidity, a trait that this team has in abundance. Bad habits learned in the hood. On the human side, it's a tragedy that his chance at a respectable life is probably over. A real shame.

  • Yes, Huf should be suspended.

    Josh Huff admitted to illegally possessing a firearm. That is a very serious offense and should not be taken lightly, especially by the owners and managers of his team. Firearms are no laughing matter and neither is breaking the law. They did the right thing by choosing to suspend him.

  • Yes, Josh Huff should be suspended for his actions.

    Yes, it is my belief that Just Huff should be suspended for his actions because he was arrested and was unlawfully possessing a weapon. I think that this looks badly upon the team and the NFL in general, so there should be punishments, and I believe that suspension or releasing is accurate.

  • Josh Huff should not be suspended.

    I believe people should be given a second chance. Unless if the mistake is repeated severally. Therefore, Eagles WR Josh Huff should not be suspended. He should be advised and given a warning that supposing he repeats his actions he will be suspended. Josh is a potential player and having him suspended will not make any good.

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