• Yes, early childhood education should be mandatory.

    Yes, early childhood education should be mandatory as more students are needing education at a young age in order to learn higher ordering thinking skills. Requiring early childhood education can guarantee that kids get a head start when it comes to learning more complex skills, and the kids can take an early stake in their education.

  • Yes, childhood education should be mandatory.

    In the earliest stages of childhood, the brain is the most malleable and adaptable. Thus, during this stage the brain is most capable of learning new tasks and able to memorize far better than when the child is older. For example, learning a new language is best done at an early age so the brain can consolidate the information quickly.

  • Because it's smart

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  • Younger Children Learn Easier

    In almost every situation a young child can learn a subject far faster than a middle school student or high school student. This is most prominent in language and social skills. So why wouldn't we try teaching preschoolers along side social skills and say there home language why not try teaching them Latin or more advanced math. This will help them in the long run.

  • Of course we should invest in your kids education.. If you think not, I understand, but encourage you to watch the fallowing clip.

    Using comedy to get his point across, he brings up a lot of good points especially one of the biggest issues on this topic and that is of course funding. I understand the argument that parents want there kids at home to be taught the things their parents want to teach them but it is about time we started to catch up with the rest of the world. We are talk about the future of nation not to mention the individuals of these young kids. Improving our educational system? I don't know why we are still even disusing this.

  • Kids don't need to start learning so early

    Even so that a child's education is important, it should not be mandatory because kids can begin learning at at home by there parents until second grade, and still be as intelligent as other children. Pre-k and Kindergarten are unnecessary unless the parent cannot take care of them for work related reason. Therefor, it should not be mandatory, but an option

  • Functionalism and different circumstances

    Many different people live very different lives. Whether that be for an extra year of development at home before entering the school system or because they are in a home situation where they are able to learn greatly things for their future lives in society, within the home. For other children, they many greatly benefit from a year of structured socialising and learning within a constructed environment. It must be acknowledged early that all people learn and achieve their best differently.

  • It should not be mandatory but it should be available for parents who want it.

    I think early childhood education is very important but making it mandatory may not be the right for every child and family. I think parents can teach children some of the same things they learn in preschool. It does take time to teach them things but it can be done. Parents are the child's first teachers.

  • Oh please no!

    Children are overworked in school the way it is. At least let them have their early childhood to themselves. Afterall, there is such a thing called the child labor act which forbids children under around 15 (depends on state) from working, but there they all are sitting in desks doing what looks suspiciously like work (though unpaid unfortunately for the kids) for 7-8 hours plus whatever homework load they get (I remember about 2-5 hrs depending on the night). Taking out time to eat, that leaves children anywhere from nothing to maybe 1-2 hours to play before they have to hit the sack for the next day of school.

  • No, early childhood education should not be mandatory.

    Children develop at different rates, so early childhood education is not for all children. In some cases, children may have a better environment in their own homes with their mother or father. Nurturing at home can create positive outcomes for the child that will be of a great benefit when they enter school.

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