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  • Called the Formative Years

    Many behaviors of adulthood are formed in the early childhood years. Early childhood education should receive more funding so children of busy parents can receive a structured education rather than go to a babysitter for preschool. Lots of educational initiatives should receive more taxpayer funding at all levels, but early childhood education seems to get the smallest priority.

  • Yes, it needs more funding.

    Early childhood education is very important. It sets up the basis for the rest of the students' lives with basic information and skills. Poor early childhood education leads to students who have difficulty in future grades, and good early childhood education puts students on the right track toward educational successes later in life.

  • Early childhood education should be at home

    Early childhood education needs to happen at home where the child is most comfortable and without distractions that a class full of children can create. Parents should be responsible for their children's well being and education, this would help parents to raise their children with their beliefs and not the beliefs of the general public.

  • Cradle to grave.

    No, early childhood education should not receive more funding, because we cannot afford to take care of people from cradle to grave. People who want early childhood education for their children should work to pay for it. And they should not be having children that they cannot afford. We give people too much in this country.

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