• They learn so fast.

    Yes, early childhood language lessons should be increased, because children learn so fast at a young age. Youth is the easiest time to learn a language. Other things, like history, come easier when children are older. Children should learn language while they can learn it best, while they are young.

  • Early childhood is the best time to learn a language

    I'm not sure if the question is about native langauge, or multiple languages. Either way, studies have shown that children are receptive to learning language or languages in early childhood. Therefore it makes sense to increase the amount of language lessons taught in early childhood, especially if they can be coupled with play and other fun activities.

  • Early childhood education is essential

    Early childhood language lessons should be increased. Early childhood education is very important. Language is essential to reading and comprehension, which is essential to every other educational endeavor. There will of course be cost to implementing an increase in the number of early childhood education lessons, but this cost will be offset by the gains in performance.

  • Yes, early childhood language lessons should be increased

    Early childhood language lessons should be increased because it is a vital skill for the child to have. You can never start too early with language development, and the more lessons that a child has the better. I think this would solve a lot of the language issues many adults face today.

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