• We should protect what has been given to us

    Protecting the environment we stay in is important. A moron said, " no, i like lights on" what does this even mean? There are efficient ways or less polluting ways to keep lights on, the idea is adopt those so that our children will have a place to live in where they can breathe without keeping their masks on.

  • I am a normal human being

    I don't believe in "Earth First" nonsense. The way I see it, the environment is here to serve us. People change their environment by burning coal, gas, and oil to generate electricity, transport us and our stuff, heat our homes, make our products, and generally increase the standard of living. Rearranging the chemical composition of Earth's atoms for our own benefit is demonized by environmentalists, yet they use things that could not be possible without such "non-eco-friendly" methods.

  • No, I like the lights on.

    No, Earth Day should not be a national holiday, because some of us are grateful that we have lights 365 days per year. I'm glad that someone was smart enough to invent lights. I have no intention of going without them, even for a day. Technology and progress make our lives better, we should not ban them for a day.

  • Earth day shouldn't be a holiday

    The idea of Earth Day is absurd. It's a well known fact that if you took all of consumer recycling it is only 5 percent of all materials that could be recycled. Recycling for the most part is a feel-good program. At most it reduces trash from landfills. Simply stop getting paper bills will reduce paper waste.

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