• Good Friday and Easter should be a national holiday

    Our country was founded on Judeo/Christian values & ideas. Our country was founded on "freedom of religion." Not "freedom from religion." Good Friday and Easter are essentially more important than our Christmas holiday. If people don't believe and don't want to spend good Friday worshipping, they should not be required. But folks who do want to attend church they day should not be required to work and be allowed to take the day off, just as our founding fathers established holidays for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  • Yes it should be!

    If we get days off ( holidays ) for Martin Luther King and Kwanza why the heck don't we get Easter off and paid as a Holiday? I don't care if it's always on a Sunday. Lots of people work weekends now and it's ridiculous anyplace is open on Easter Sunday. Do we all really have no knowledge whatsoever what our country was founded on! Read up!
    What were our freedoms based on do you think? The Bible! Christianity. Like the saying goes. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you".

  • Sure, why not?

    Easter is essentially mixed-up mashed-up remains of an old pagan holiday celebrating a goddess of spring time and fertility, hence the use of rabbits and eggs. It was later transitioned to Christianity and the death of Christ, but essentially it is a pagan holiday and should be celebrated as such. In addition it always falls on a Sunday. In the old days there was a law against having anything open on Sunday anyway so there is no reason it shouldn't be a holiday.

  • Of Course It Should

    Easter should most definitely be a national holiday. I understand that many people are not Christians and might not believe or understand the meaning behind the actual holiday, but it is widely celebrated. There is a lot of tradition behind the holiday and it is recognized by millions of individuals.

  • Pagan day made a tradition by the roman church

    Easter is not a day that has anything to do with the Bible. Just as Sunday isnt the Sabbath. No scripture, no command on law, just the Roman Church and pagan ritual. Keep Rome and the USA separate. Lets not go back to the days when the Roman Church forced people to obey her pagan laws.

  • No it shouldn`t

    Many people in the modern world are forgetting the moral meaning of Easter as the resurrection of Jesus. Instead people forget the meaning and the kids growing up today do not know what Easter is. They consider the event a chance to get presents and eat chocolate eggs. It needs to be more about devoting or contributing our time and effort to commemorate the events which occurred during Easter Sunday. Without this Easter would just be a waste of time!

  • Easter is a religious holiday

    To force a religious holiday on people who arent religious seems just as ridiculous as putting "In god we trust" on every piece of money I use or making a non-Christian swear to god that thier statements will be true in court. They should be able celebrate, but I don't see why anybody should be forced not to work on a day they normally would just because of someone else's religion.

  • No, because of separation of church and state

    There needs to be a clear separation of church and state in this country. Easter is a Christian celebration, so to make it a national holiday would essentially be a national endorsement of that religion. It always happens on a Sunday anyway, so why bother making it a national holiday?

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