• Yes, it's common sense to make meat illegal.

    Meat kills: us, the planet, people in developing countries, but above all the billions of animals slaughtered each year. Numerous studies have shown that meat causes a variety of health issues, such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes, and Alzheimer's. Meat is among the three biggest climate killers, and among the 5 top soil and water polluters. Meat takes up way too much natural resources. We could feed 10 billion of people if we would go on a vegan diet. And there is no such thing as animal-friendly meat, since ultimately, the animal gets killed. We shouldn't continue with a practice that is utterly destructive. The only reasons for eating meat in this world are pleasure (taste) and convenience because meat is readily available in our western culture - more so than plant-based options. That should not be reason enough to pursue a destructive life style.

  • Why Would We Need Meat?

    There's a common misconception that a person NEEDS meat to be healthy. To dispel this axiom, one should consider several things; the ethics and morality behind slaughter, environmental hazards, and health risks associated with eating meat.
    The ethics and morality behind the slaughter of animals is fundamentally greedy. A nonsensical argument is that because our ancestors consumed meat for survival, then nothing is wrong with it. Well, there is something WRONG with that argument. To elaborate, we're not living in the same conditions as our ancestors. In fact, we're in an entirely demographic transition, and have developed methods of growing enough plant produce to sustain the Earth's population comfortably. We're not living in areas that are hardly arable and require the consumption of meat (despite that wheat was the most notable food product that fed Mesopotamians, which is just one of many examples of PLANT products that fed other societies; moreso than animals, which were often times too valuable to be used as meat, and instead were used for mechanically driven plows and milk). Additionally, the belief that the slaughter of animals is appropriate is inconsistent with pro-life beliefs of any sort, even if you're not necessarily a pro-lifer. Several examples are abortion, the death penalty, Armed Service members (in armed conflict), inconsistencies regarding pet rights vs 'unit' rights, ect.
    Moreover, the environmental hazards regarding the growth and sustainability of land used to house, slaughter, package, and ship animals and animal products are astounding. Not only is global warming attributed directly to the output of excess greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere (about %19), but 38% of the world's land use is dedicated to the meat and dairy industries (according to the UN, respectively). It also accounts for 70% of global freshwater consumption (UN). If you're at all for environmental awareness, whether it be driving PEVs, hybrids, recycling, or reusing old items, then it is undeniable that you should be just as passionate, and just as dedicated to choosing not to take part, or even passively take part in the conglomeration of the meat and dairy industries.
    Lastly, there are several major health issues associated with the consumption of meat, and just as many health benefits from vegan lifestyle choices (including, but not limited to dietary choices). Some problems associated with meat and dairy consumption include arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, excessive cholesterol/ high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and chemicals included in a large majority of both meat and dairy products (which further, but not exclusively, attribute to the health risks listed). Some benefits of veganism include healthier bones and joints, stable cholesterol, healthier heart, ect. In fact, today there are more Olympic athletes, body-builders, and professional mixed martial arts fighters than ever! If these select groups of people can maintain elite levels of fitness with vegan diets, whose bodies are MUCH more demanding than the average Joe's, then others should be able to as well.

  • Water supply shortages.

    We are running out of water, FAST! And 93% of our water goes towards cattle, swine and poultry, and other forms of meat AND agriculture. But the amount of food we get per liter in agriculture is a lot more than the amount of meat we get, A LOT more. I know that some time in the future we will make meat illegal for these reasons alone, but let's just hope I'm dead before that day comes. In 2012 scientist predicted that meat will be illegal by 2050. Lets hope it is a little later. And no, I am not a vegan or vegetarian.

  • It's largely immoral

    Any good and rational person knows that what we do to animals is f***ed up and wrong. These animals deserve to live a decent life and in society their life should be valued just as much as ours, like seriously what did the poor pigs ever do to you a**holes? It sickens me that people are ok with this happening but it's wrong to eat a cat or a dog? Just one of the many contradictions of our species. Plus this also affects the environment negatively.

  • It's possible to live life with out animal cruelty

    I don't understand how eating meat is not illegal in the first place. Anyone who has inquired into the meat industry and their practices understands that what goes on behind the scenes is horrific and bloody murder. Murder of any kind is outlawed for humans and dogs, why not for pigs, animals that feel the same pain and are even more intelligent than dogs? Ignorance is a powerful thing. It can compel people to commit the worst of atrocities and do so while thinking that they're not doing anything wrong the entire time.

    Would you like for your precious dog or cat to be raised in very crowded and unhygienic cages, fattened up until they cannot naturally breed with their own kind and then brutally murdered years before their natural age of death? No one would ever dream of it. However, we must face a reality that as long as eating other sentient animals is legal, the industry of murder will be going strong and profiting off of the fact that the majority of human beings turn a blind eye towards the atrocities that we've accepted as the norm.

  • Because animals are gentle living beings.

    Meat should be illegal because of this; who loves the environment? Eating meat takes up space that these other, gentle living beings could live and prosper on. Also, meat is starving the world. For the feed cost of one eight ounce steak, 40 people in poverty could be fed a serving each of grains and rice. Go peta.

  • Animals are people to. We would hate it if a smarter species farmed us for food!

    In fact, it should be required by law for all animals to go vegan. People say that we need protein, and we do. Animal proteins are unhealthy protein, but some plant proteins are healthy protein. Animal cholesterol is bad cholesterol, but some plant cholesterol is good cholesterol. Some animals get protein through plants, and we should do the same thing. There's no need to filter our nutrients. We as humans and all primates are herbivores. Some primates eat meat because on the last ice age, all the plants in primates' habitat ran out so they chose to eat other animals as well as did humans. Milk's made only for the mommy mammals' babies to consume, not anyone else. Eggs taken for consumption is like abortion, and even if it had no baby, you're mocking the forming of the baby. The honey is bee vomit. The bees may sometimes rely on their vomit for survival. Killing or torturing nonhuman animals as well as humans should be illegal for every aspect except for self-defense or defending others if the other individual was putting your life in danger or threatening to hurt you. 65% of all plants grown by humans are grown to intent feeding farm animals to have them grow and then killed for consumption. We could instead free them and use all those plants to end world hunger. Watch the following videos and spread the word, I promise you won't regret watching it.:
    1. Vegan Main Speech- Best Speech Ever by Gary Yourofsky (1 hr 10 mins; 1,775,824 views; 84.8% likes; click here or copy and paste it to watch the video. --> http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=es6U00LMmC4 )
    2. Gary Yourofsky's Speech Q & A Session (31 mins; 213,100 views; 94.6% likes; click here or copy and paste it to watch the video. --> http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=WIkC4OJEx3c )
    3. BEST SPEECH EVER! Former CEO Citibank Phillip Wollen owns the stage. (10 mins; 44,149 views; 88.8% likes; click here or copy and paste it to watch the video. --> http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=U1wAsjuqEho )
    4. 101 Reasons to Go Vegan (1 hr 9 mins; 74,673 views; 92.6% likes; click here or copy and paste it to watch the video. --> http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=9TlHcEcUWUE )
    5. [Environment|Animal Rights|Speciesism] The Superior Human? - Full movie - 2012 documentary/film (1 hr 14 mins; 144,715 views; click here or copy and paste it to watch the video. --> http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=mqT82oGeax0 )

    P.S.: If you ignore these videos I've suggested you to see, think about how you'd feel if you're in a farm and you saw smarter species outside with a lap-top, they spoke the same language, and you heard one of them say, "I won't spend my time watching these videos to give humans rights. I have better things to do!" God's not senseless to any animals because being senseless to any species is unjust and we can't pick who is it okay to be senseless to and who is it not okay to be senseless to without saying it is wrong and a criminal act.

  • Meat consumption is unethical and animals have rights

    Those who believe meat consumption is a nessasary part of life are kidding themselves. Although it is not easy to become a true vegetarian it is a magnificent achievement! The planet can sustain a much greater population of vegetarians than meat eaters and all animals should be taught to be vegetarians. A varied diet full of a rich variety of vegetarian foods can provide your body every nutrient, vitamin and mineral it needs for optimal health and development. It does not hurt you to eat meat and meat does contain many essential nutrients for human health. But it is not optimal as humans should strive to adopt a vegetarian diet.

  • Its all better

    People that eat meat are a bunch of arrogant idiots. First of all, eating meat isn't really that healthy, often animals get a lot of hormones antibiotics and other crap just so they grow faster and bigger. In the end this means that bacteria are getting immune for OUR antibiotics. And the meat eaters are getting a lot of weird hormones they probably shouldn't be getting. And there is no way for a consumer to figure out what is actually in the meat they are trying to eat.

    Second of all, it is extremely arrogant to eat meat. For 1 kilogram of meat you need 10 kilograms worth of food to produce it. That means that for 1 portion of meat, you could feed 9 other people. That is crazy, especially when you think about the fact that vegetables are more expensive then meat in our supermarkets.

    Third of all, it is very cruel to eat animals. For the farmers to be able to make a profit the animals all live in very confined spaces, they often can't move get slaughtered in awful ways.

    Talking about slaughtering. Hallal/kosher slaughtering is the worst you can put an other living thing through on our planet earth. You cut the arteries in there necks (which are packed with pain receptors) and slowly let them bleed out.
    They do not get any anesthetic as moslims worship the Koran as a God. The animals are completely stressed out by some idiot slicing their throats, and then they can literary slowly feel the life pumping out of them. Often in front of the to be victims. (there family)

    As meat should be banned, we should start with smaller things.
    Start banning hallal/kosher and cheap meats (give it a certain minimum price).
    Then ban the rest of the meats

  • Killing another animal is the same thing as killing human.

    First of all we need to understand that humans are not smarter , stronger , better etc..We are not smarter , we are just a little bit different ..They maybe don't need to go to moon ,or go to job..They have many things that humans don't have.And ofcourse humans have things , that other animals don't have..Think about eating human's meat ! Its the same thing as eating other animal's meat ..OTHER ANIMAL'S WANT TO LIVE AS MUCH AS WE !

  • Of course not!

    This is just insane! I don't mind if people are vegan or vegetarian, I really don't. But when they try to intrude upon other people's freedoms to eat what they want, that's what upsets me. There are no health problems associated with eating meat that has been correctly prepared to. The other side's argument it just stupid! They say that It is immoral to kill living things just to eat them, but plants are living things too! So, by their own logic, they couldn't eat plants OR animals. People have been eating meat since the beginning of time, and look where we are now! If meat was really as dangerous as these people think, wouldn't humans have died off thousands of years ago? Also think about this: people make livings off of the trading of meat. Supermarkets wouldn't make as much money. Butchers would be out of jobs. Meat processing companies would go out of business. So, banning meat will only serve to cause problems. It won't change anything. And tonight, I will enjoy my well-cooked steak, knowing that I have defended our basic freedoms as human beings.

  • Utterly Ridiculous

    Why is this even a debate? No one is going to say yes are they? Really?? I would rather discuss whether it should be illegal to be vegetarian or even worse a vegan. I mean who can resist meat and fish? I was furious when a vegan cafe was opened in the food outlet for one of the busiest childrens play areas in my area. How dare they impose a vegan diet and give no choice in the matter. No other food outlets around for some distance. Maybe we should make it LEGAL to eat vegetarians.. Hehe, just kidding... ;)

  • No

    Eating meat is part of life. Meat is part of the food chain. It is just the way things work. If you don't like eating meat that is your choice but don't try and change the entire way of life for those people that are normal and like eating meat. Besides if eating meat was bad then god would not have made it so tasty.

  • Why not just ban everything?

    I do not understand how this is even a debate. If you argue that meat should be banned, then we should ban vegetables too. Plants are living organisms too and eating them is horrible. NOT! People should not be limited to what they can or cannot eat. Vegetarians and vegans need to stop imposing their diet on others.

  • No, meat is food.

    There isn't even an argument here, meat is consumed by most people. The reason why is because it is natural. It is our main source of protein, and it tastes delicious. Meat does not cause cancer unless it cooked extremely well (almost overcooked). Vegetarianism is a personal choice, and I am sure most vegetarians do not believe it should be illegal. Even if I was vegetarian myself (which I am not), I would still allow my children to eat meat. By the way vegetarians that carrot died so that you could be a vegetarian.

  • Come on people

    I do not understand how this is even a debate. If you argue that meat should be banned, then we should ban vegetables too. Plants are living organisms too and eating them is horrible. NOT! People should not be limited to what they can or cannot eat. Vegetarians and vegans need to stop imposing their diet on others.

  • Yes, we do need meat

    Humans need meat for optimum health. I've heard all the vegetarian arguments. I was a vegetarian myself for 25 years, eating a "healthy", low-fat diet full of whole grains. I was also overweight, depressed, tired all the time and anemic. It may not be possible for the earth to support this many omnivorous humans, but I'm willing to fight for the foods that keep me healthy and lean.

  • No

    No eating meat should not be illegal. People should be allowed to eat what they chose to eat and the government should not have the power to limit the diet options of the people. While I understand that the practice of preparing meat can be cruel, the government should enforce best practice procedures, not outlaw the consumption of meet completely.

  • Meat is a social norm

    Think of all the people who eat meat in the world today: billions. Meat is a crucial part of society, for people's healthy diets - getting protein and vital other necessary minerals and vitamins. Furthermore, think of all the business involved in the meat industry - butchers, farmers etc. Now think about all the people who eat meat every day, especially in developing countries meat can be a cheap source of food for families. If other animals can eat meat, why can't we? Making it illegal would almost certainly result in illegal activities to try and continue its consumption. We are the dominant species and although I would agree that it is cruel to eat animals it is a staple part of our life and I do not see why that should change.

  • Meat is what humans eat.

    Meat is what we've eaten for millions of years. It's what's caused our brain to grow and allowed us to progress to where we are now. Meat is a vital part of the human diet. Those who say, "Oh, you don't need meat, you can survive on a vegan diet," are idiots. Meat is essential to the human diet. Yes, there are other ways we can get our protein, but those aren't sufficient enough sources where you can live on them. The day meat becomes outlawed is the day I leave the planet. Besides being delicious, it's important.

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