• It tastes delicious

    Poo has always been my favorite snack. I like to have the potent brown sludge dripping into my mouth as well as my urethra. It is more necessary than water. Research shows that Mozart loved to talk about the brown delicacy. Who ever died from consuming the masterpiece from our anus was deemed not worthy of the brown porridge from heaven.


    Bro shit in my mouth is slurpin good man what the fuck why wouldnt you wanna, like okay man eating ass is good and all but damn that good good shit surprise is what keeps me going, what fuels my soul, what nourishes me, what makes me smile, i don't need drugs anymrore.

  • No shit, we shouldn't!

    I understand people's arguments. Been there myself (was pro poo eating for the longest of time).

    But now, let's look at it from a taste perspective. Poop tastes like shit.
    Also I was pretty much just eating what I was eating before I did the thing. So please keep an open mind. Thank you.

  • It's just so fun to do so

    Imagine yourself in front of a group of people and you decide to take out your lunch bag. And guess what? Your lunch is sh!T! Won't that be awesome? Like seriously... People are going to laugh at you and you're going to get attention! You could be a social media Phenomenon! You'll get so many Instagram followers that fling you into celebrity stardom? Ain't that great?

  • Eatin poo strengthens your immune system

    If we eat sh!T we don't have to worry about disposing of it anymore and we have solved world hunger. Let's make one giant human centipede and make everyone happy. Poop is full of germs and the germs will kill off those who r too weak and over all leave the people with the strongest immune systems alive.

  • The Murder was sure

    The new one is really bad feeling about it but and I don’t think I it really bad should have been a nice good day time job I had to had just moved back to and my dad was going really well good bye bye I love don’t let you go make go inside and get then to get your hair stuff car bye bye and then go go to see her she will never get to it her dad is going so she can come back out to you her house and dad will be here there home in about five hours so she will be able to then come back

  • Eat mf ass

    Yall niggas foolin -_- yall gonna eat shit but not eat yo girl ass tf?? Yall niggas got the baby D yall put it in and cum on spot. Yall get a finger in yo ass and yall bust right there smfh yall niggas dont eat ass. Kys pls KKK

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