• yes they should

    Yes, because PayPal is used by so many other companies. I thought they were separate companies already, but I'm guessing by this question I was wrong. Would PayPal and Ebay benefit from splitting up is my question. I'm guessing ebay probably makes alot of money with letting PayPal be used on other sites, so it might be a bad idea for Ebay.

  • Yes, PayPal and Ebay should be seperated.

    Yes, Ebay and PayPal should become separate companies. While PayPal is useful on Ebay, PayPal is now used in a variety of ways that are not related to Ebay. Since it can be used in ways such as paying employees, PayPal should become a company separate of Ebay. It simply does not feel reassuring to know that the company protecting your payment information is the same company who wants you to spend all of your money on their site.

  • Ebay and Pay Pal should stay together

    There is no reason why these two companies should go separate ways. By being together, customers can feel safe shopping on Ebay using Pay Pal because they that if anything goes wrong, the issue will be dealt with. It's important that the customers feel like they can trust both of them.

  • Shouldn't Be Required

    Many conglomerates are creating payment systems so Ebay is not alone. We shouldn't require these ventures to split as they support each other. Amazon has Amazon Payments so what you do one company would have to be done to others at the same time. This would probably hurt progress in the long run.

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