Should Ebony Wilkerson, the woman who drove her minivan into the ocean, be charged with attempted murder of her children?

  • I think she should

    I would want this investigated further, but from what I read, one of the children stated that she was trying to kill them. Maybe she was ill due to her pregnancy though, but if there's a history of abuse with her, then it should definitely be looked into immediately. Crazy case.

  • If you attempt to take a life, you have attempted murder.

    Arguing over her reasons is not something that should be argued in court. WHY she did doesn't remove the fact that she did do it. She knew her children were in the minivan and drove into the ocean anyway. That is clear cut attempted murder. I don't think she should get jail time because she is clearly disturbed but the charges are clear.

  • Yes, she should be charged

    I think she needs help either way and if they charge her she can get all the help she needs. It should be forced on her through the courts, but she shouldn't be allowed anyone for a long time. The issues that arise from mental health are huge,but she should have still been charged.

  • She needs mental health treatment.

    It would appear from initial reports that Ebony Wilkerson tried to kill her children. She drove into the ocean with the van's windows rolled up. Her children were screaming for help. She fought off the rescuers as long as possible. But I don't think she should be charged with attempted murder. These are clearly the acts of a severely mentally ill woman. She needs treatment, not prison time.

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