• I Say Yes!

    I say yes,because kids come to school to learn and read books so why would you take away portable books that's like stopping a kid from reading. And, it saves the school money if the kids parents buy the e reader and it has books that the teacher need it would save the teacher,school,and board money.

  • Ebooks are fantastic devices and are useful for learning.

    I am in my last year of high school and have developed a habit of bringing my beloved Kindle into school. At first, it was just to read novels or review my own stories during my breaks, but lately I've started to realize it has educational benefits.

    On the Amazon Kindle store (and I'm sure this holds true for many other popular Ereader book stores) you can find Ebook versions of textbooks and course notes for various subjects. Politics is one of my best subjects in school and since I got the Kindle a few months ago, many things I've been studying in that class have been easier to understand due to being able to carry around the giant textbooks in my pocket on a small, handy device.

    Plus, during periods where you find yourself with little to do but you have a small bag (like me), you can just pull out your Ereader and read until a task comes up, rather than lugging around any books that you think there's a small possibility you might read. So, overall, the Ereaders are handy tools for education, whether it's for storing homework to look at later, reading textbooks you couldn't bring home or picking up some extra facts for that one exam topic you know little about.

  • Just like regular books, only electronic.

    EBook readers like Amazon Kindles and Nooks have screens that aren't like laptop screens. When you turn them to different angles, nothing appears differently, and they're better for your eyes. It's just like a book! You read stories, develop your reading skills, there's words in the stories. It's just like a book! The only difference is, you don't turn the page! It's still reading, and it still helping children with their reading skills! Every school that I know don't allow any of these books. I'd like to ask why.

  • Yes For Kindle

    It Is Just An Easy Way Of Carrying Around Books And If The Schools Are Going To Try And Stop That Then They Are Basically Taking Reading Away From Children. Children Should Even Be Aloud Phones In My Opinion. Every Child Is Different And Has Different Things They Like To Read And The Kindle Helps Them Find That

  • Why not? Reading is very important, epically for kids!

    Kids should definitely be allowed to bring eBooks as they are just so much more practical and class-to-class friendly. Regular books are heavy and are less convenient than an eBook. Schools want kids to learn and a great way to do that is to read a book. Yes, they should be allowed.

  • Freedom for children

    Not all kids have a chance to visit libraries, and not all libraries have certain titles. Kids also learn how to use advanced technology at a young age, which can really help them in the years to come, like in college, where technology is key to most things you learn.

  • Kids get help reading

    E-books help children read by the read-along that is on it. Plus, if your child loves to be on tech devices but doesn't know how to read, use e-books. Your child will learn to read in possibly about a week and will love reading. I know this because my little sister hated reading but loved tech devices. So we gave her an e-book and she loves to read now and shes on a tech device so it really wraps things up!

  • There no difference!

    In fact i think it's better in some ways than a book! You can carry more books on one device, and not needing to carry giant textbooks and such is a pain. The kindle is smaller and doesn't contain inappropiate games, and most importantly, you can learn with this device. Kindles and ebooks are definetly a yes for me!

  • Yes they should!

    I have a ebook, and I want to bring it to school, because I enjoy reading, but since we need to carry a lot of books around, I don't have additional space and time to carry 6 independent reading books, so that they will fall anyway. But if you have a ebook, there are numerous books on it and you will not need to waste time and space.

  • It is just a book.

    If you use a kindle at school, you won't have to carry around heavy books in your backpack. And after all, kindles are just books, only electronic. What harm could that be? There is also the fact that you can chose whichever book you choose to read without having the inconvenience of reaching into your backpack over and over again.

  • You can't see what the children are doing with it.

    I accept that ebooks might be as good as real books, but there is no place for them in school, for a simple reason: With traditional books, the teacher can see if the students are reading the correct book from a distance (if they try to hide it, they can be asked to put it on their desk, where the teacher can see it). It is easy to judge the size and width of the book to see if it is the correct one.
    With ebooks, it is a completely different thing. No one can really say what's in it's screen. All the student has to do is put it at an angle, making it impossible for the teacher to easily read it, even when close (unless the teacher asks to see it, which takes times away from both teacher and student).
    The classroom is no place for it, having a better option. For all we know, half the students could be reading porn on it. Should we ask the teacher to personally check every e-reader, every time they are needed?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Misuse of a device

    E-books are a good reading equipment, I admit that but it can be misused; almost everyone didn't use it properly in their first times.

    Also teachers in school might not want them in their classrooms as
    e-books can be an item to entertain the students and distract them from their learning.

  • Students are irresponsible.

    I agree, most students are just going to ruin it, and then replace it with more money. Which I think that money can go for students needs, not to show off your cool technology. Some might break it on purpose because thy will think it's funny to get a good laugh out of their fellow students, which I think should be prevented ahead of time.

  • K-12 absolutely NOT

    I think this is fabulous tool, but better saved for college or upper high school. Our kids are more tech sauve then us and will figure ways to use it for their means. As a parent I'd rather not allow them that tool until they are mature enough to handle it appropriately.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T21:15:36.397
At my school they are already allowed.