Should Eckankar be considered a legitimate religion?

  • What is a religion really?

    I think it is very judgmental to say that you can decide what is a real religion or not. Religion is just a set of beliefs that determines how you view the world and where we come from and where we are going. If there are a set of beliefs, then technically it's a religion.

  • Yes, it is a spiritual path.

    Eckankar is a spiritual path that has been systematized into what seems like an organized religion. Its participants are trying to grow themselves and also trying to make the world a better place. They are no more correct or misguided than many other mainstream religions so they should be considered legitimate.

  • Eckankar Has Followers

    I believe Eckankar should be considered a legitimate religion because there are clearly followers of the belief system it lays out, something like a mix of Buddhism and Christianity. It's certainly not traditional and it's certainly not a major religion, but that doesn't mean it should be disregarded as a religion.

  • I don't think this man made religion should be considered as legitimate

    As a christian, I do not care for man made religions that do not originate from God. Eckankar is a religious movement started by Paul Twitchell. By creating this religion, this man pretty much takes on the role of God. Relgion is a tricky subject because there are so many faiths and there are also many people who are not relgious. My faith as a christian makes me close minded when it comes to other religions. In my opinion, Humans that start their own relgious movement come off as pretentious and pompous. There are already enough religions on this earth. I don't think there has to be another one.

  • There is no science to it.

    No, Eckanar should not be considered a legitimate religion, any more than witchcraft and other magic or spell casting is a legitimate religion. There is no evidence that the soul traveling alleged in Eckanar really happens. Eckanar was started by wishful thinkers and perpetuated by those who want the power that comes with leading a religion.

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