Should economic problems be prioritized over social problems?

  • Yes, Focus on the real issues

    Even though I do recognise the issues with abortion, Equality, And other social issues, There won't be social issues when the economy fails and everyone is rationing food. We need to focus on green energy to maximize the employment rate and revenue. Green energy will produce millions of jobs and billions upon billions of dollars. The new bill that passed in atlanta that will create more sustainable energy will regenerate over $11. 8 BILLION for the city.

  • This does not work

    America has seen the wage gap grow. The rich have become so rich and the poor have become poorer. The middle class is shrinking and you believe by boosting the economy you are doing the right thing.
    Social issues have to solved because you are entering into a corporate industrial feudal system. Companies suck up all of the government pork and the people in congress believe you will benefit from the crumbs that fall off. For decades economic policies have not improved our lives. Those rich people use those bonuses to make themselves richer and pay everyone less or cut expenses.
    So you make Atlanta green but the people still fare worse and are not any richer.

  • We can walk and chew bubble gum.

    Congressmen/women are not all focused on the same issues as there are various divisions that specialize in different sections of our government. This means that while one section works on policy involving the economy, Another would be working on social issues. Depending on the council your on depends on what takes priority for your council.

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ModernPhilosophizer says2019-04-10T19:47:35.937
The economy IS a social problem. It affects society. Anything that changes socially affects the economy and anything that changes economically affects society. So focus on both and allow more freedom! Freedom of risk and reward. Freedom of life, Liberty, And the pursuit of happiness.