• It provides excellent insight on the world.

    I believe it should be taught (or at least introduced) at the high school level. It changes people's perspectives on many current issues. I believe kids should know the concept of money and interest rates to a certain extent. It is a much better time spent than having kids learn art, Which in my humble opinion, Should an elective.

  • Never Needed Economics

    W.E.B Du Bois
    William Edward Burghardt was a leading African-American sociologist, writer, and activist. William Edward Burghardt, mainly known as “W. E. B.” Du Bois was born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, MA and died on August 27, 1963 in Accra, Ghana. He was educated at Harvard University and other top schools such as Humboldt University of Berlin, Harvard College, and Fisk University. He became known for the publication of such works as Souls of Black Folk, which was published in 1903. Du Bois taught at Wilberforce University and Atlanta University, and chaired the Peace Information Center. Shortly before his death, Du Bois settled in Ghana to work on the Encyclopedia Africana. He is also known for the Further Chronicles of Avonlea, Black Reconstruction, and The Crisis. In 1891 Du Bois got his master of arts and in 1895 his doctorate in history from Harvard. His dissertation, The Suppression of the African Slave Trade to the United States of America, 1638-1870, was published as No. 1 in the Harvard Historical Series. This important work has yet to be surpassed. In 1896 he married Nina Gomer, and they had two children. In 1896-1897 Du Bois became assistant instructor in sociology at the University of Pennsylvania. There he conducted the pioneering sociological study of an urban community, published as The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study in 1899. In 1905 Du Bois was a founder and general secretary of the Niagara movement, an African American protest group of scholars and professionals. Du Bois founded and edited the Moon in 1906 and the Horizon in 1907-1910. In 1909 Du Bois was among the founders of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, which is also known as the NAACP. In 1934 W.E.B Du Bois resigned from the NAACP board and from the Crisis because of his new advocacy of an African American nationalist strategy: African American controlled institutions, schools, and economic cooperatives. This approach opposed the NAACP's commitment to integration. Therefore, he went back to the NAACP as director of special research from 1944-1948. Du Bois was a member of the Socialist party from 1910 to 1912 and always considered himself a Socialist. In 1948 he was cochairman of the Council on African Affairs; in 1949 he attended the New York, Paris, and Moscow peace congresses; in 1950 he served as chairman of the Peace Information Center and ran for the U.S. Senate on the American Labor party ticket in New York. He became a naturalized citizen of Ghana in 1963 at the age of 95. By the time he passed away in 1963, he had written 17 books.

  • Not needed for requirement.

    This should not be a requirement because I did not get to graduate from high school because I failed this class and has made my parents and myself suffer, many students don't even get this far and drop out from school just by failing that one class. I hope they can change this to at least allow students to learn just the basics or the simple ideas like money for example.

  • Understanding the World

    Most of today's political issues revolve around economics, and as a fellow high school student who has taken economics, I hear students giving their intake on political issues when they have no idea what they're saying. Understanding economics is key to understanding today's world. It is also important in making healthy choices, instead of wasting too much money, high school students need to understand how much 'money' is actually worth, instead of something that comes out of their father's pocket.

  • Yes but not putting one economic system over another.

    I'm for teach kids about economics and all but all economic schools of thought should be taught and one shouldn't be put over another by the teacher. For example maybe the Teacher believes in Keynesian Economics, but a kid really likes Austrian! Should i be correct for the teacher to say Keynesian is the only correct way?

  • Economics should be required in high school.

    There are quite a few students deciding not to continue their education after high school. Economics is a required course in college, but if you don't go, you don't learn. It's important for people to learn economics just as they learn math and English. I believe it is more important than taking a science class. Therefor, economics should be a core course in high school.

  • This is point less

    I think that this is dumb and pointless. Many of my classmates are failing this class. We have 25 people in my class and 5 are passing with a C. I don't think you need this for high school because not many kids are 18 yet this should be taught for college.

  • Most Pointless Topic Ever

    To me economics is very pointless. I am currently a senior at South Atlanta High School and I am taking AP Macroeconomics. I have a 88 in the class but without studying I will fall behind. However, the stuff we learn is just basically pointless to me. I love the class but I just feel like why is this required for me to graduate? Its literally makes no sense but in order for me to graduate May 24 I have to continue to sit in the most boring class of my life.

  • It's interesting, but not to everyone.

    No. Plain and simple as that. Seniors trying to graduate from high school shouldn’t need to take an economics class in order to graduate. I have nothing against economics; I even find interest in it, but economics is not an interest to everyone. Economics has more characteristics of an elective course than a required course. If a person has interest in owning a business and needed to know about production, consumption, and transfers of wealth then they should take it. On the other hand if you have a person who doesn't have the slightest interest in economics why would they take it? It’s a waste of their time and it could be spent on classes of their interest or working on homework for other classes. Economics is a social studies course, but it’s more similar to business classes. We don’t require students to take business classes except personal finance. Key word personal. This class teaches how to personally manage your money, which is a valuable skill kids will use after high school. Economics on the other hand teaches students how businesses and corporations operate with each other and make money, something a majority of students could forget the next day and not need it ever again. People who are interested in business take classes like business electives to pursue their interests, and economics teaches some of the same things, only it makes everyone learn them. Economics should be an elective course so people interested in economics can take a fast paced engaging class with fewer students and a better learning environment. When you make it a required course teachers, administrators, and students alike are all worried about one thing: passing. Because a majority of students are not interested in economics, they want to do enough just to get by. This holds back the other students, and puts pressure on teachers to make the class easier and easier to pass. When you make everyone take a class they are not interested in required to graduate, kids start failing. When kids start failing, the school looks bad. When the school looks bad, the school wants to look good. And is it easier to get kids to pass by raising or lowering the standards? That’s right, lowering. I’m not saying economics can’t be a valuable skill in life, but not everyone is going to use it to make a living. If you walk into a business class the kids are engaged and really advanced at what they are learning. Some of them are already making money off of the stock market in the hundreds, and starting up their own businesses. You don’t see that kind of acceleration in learning in a class that is required, but really shouldn’t be required. Is it a valuable class? Yes. Should it be required? No.

  • Economics is pointless

    Unless you want to sell stuff or study the economy which would be completely useless. The reason people are saying it should be required is because those people weren't forced to learn about 6 different economies in a semester. Do you guys think knowing all the different economic systems there are and how it helps in the daily life? Not a single person is gonna hear "the Roman tree economic stuff who researched?" "Oh that was the sociologists or the other things that have to do with economy" because that makes sense right? SCARCITY IS A THING THAT TRADITIONAL ECONOMY DOES WITH COMMAND ECONOMIC SYSTEMS IN MARKET ECONOMIES. Makes sense yet? Didn't think so.

  • Pain in the ass.

    Should be an elective, not required. Honestly unless i'm going to become a stock broker or own my own business this shouldn't be required it just makes graduating easier and dropping out look better. Seriously get your shit together and stop forcing classes we don't need like this one, okay?

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