Should Economics class in High School be compulsory?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • It would really make our citizens aware of the economy

    Having your citizens educated about the economy would only do well for the people. Citizens would be more active when it comes to economic issues and can even help stir up what I call "political innovation".

    Citizens would learn about any "economic traps" and how the general system works. It can even encourage more investment in the long run (due to the knowledge about the economy possessed by the average citizens).

    In my opinion, making this class mandatory and educating your citizens about economic issues IS something you can use in every day life. I understand this interferes with freedom of choice but it is totally worth it.

    It would make our society more prepared about any economic crashes, traps, and problems so they can either find ways to fix it themselves or prepare themselves.

    Democracy only works when the citizens are aware and involved my friend.

  • The modern day doesn't allow it to be compulsory.

    50 years ago, or more, it was seen that women were to stay home an do the washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing and so on. Today not necessarily are people doing this. Instead men and women either learn by choice or have it done for them, professionally or not. It shouldn't be seen that this is a necessary part of the modern era. Instead that it is an evolving society and that we are free to choose!

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