• Educated people should be allowed to use bad words.

    Many people would argue that using profanity is a sign of low mental fortitude. I disagree. When used appropriately, profanity can be used to emphasize a point or help amplify the feelings that the person is trying to voice in the topic they are currently discussing. Being polite just for the sake of politeless is ineffective if it hinders the meaning or emotion behind the topic in which you are discussing.

  • Yes, if they want to.

    Yes, I believe that educated people can use "bad words" and should use "bad words" if they want to. I don't feel that simply the use of words that society has deemed bad makes you look or seem less educated. I think that an educated person should know better than to use words that demean others, however.

  • Many Different Situations

    I believe people use "bad words" for a variety of reasons and a persons education should not bear a difference when deciding if their use is proper. I believe there are times when adults can use foul language in an appropriate way without a problem. An educated person should be able to differentiate between what times are appropriate and what times are not.

  • It is not needed.

    No, educated people should not use bad words, because there are other ways for educated people to get their point across. Bad words are just words. A person with an education does not show that they have an education when they choose to use bad words instead of other words to make their point.

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