• Education should not be forced on students

    By forcing a child to attend school it will not only affect those who really want to study but it will also demovativate them.For example if a child is interested in singing but is forced to pursue his higher education, he may lose the chance to be a good singer.Children should be allowed to take their own decision for the future.A forced decision always works to the detriment of the child

  • It is vital to the country's economic growth to have an educated population.

    It is widely known that expanding and successful business want to be located where the population can provide the labor force to produce their product. An educated labor force will also be consumers within the community and contribute to the tax base. Without a free and public education, the business sector and the military do not have individuals with the basic skills to support economic growth and to defend the country.

  • Education should not be compulsory.

    As a student myself, I hate school most of the time. I think making students go to school is wrong on so many levels. It makes us kids feel like we take no part in society. The reason for this is because adults in this country have the freedom to have a job or not. It makes us feel like we don't have the freedom to be what we want to pursue, nor the freedom to have the chance to find out other things that we are interested in other than school or education. We aren't given the right to be who we want, we are told and pressured to be what other people want us to be. For example, if you are a kid or once was, you probably have been told this, " Do you want to be a loser?" Me myself have been told this more than I can count, considering the fact that I become extremely unmotivated because of the drama that goes on at school such as bullying. Another reason why education should not be compulsory is because at school you aren't allowed to be yourself, and when you usually are, people make fun of you. The people who act normal are the ones that aren't bullied. Because of school many lives have been broken, including myself. Not only at school but at home. My home life has been destroyed because me parents expect me to have all A's and B's. When I don't meet this expectation, they begin to deny me, like if I'm not good enough. Another reason why education should not be compulsory is because when kids are forced to go to school, most likely they aren't going to want to go. We don't see school as a privilege, we see it as a punishment. For you adults, it's exactly like having a job that you dread but you can't get fired or quit. Coming back to the part when I said that when education is forced we most likely don't want to go, most kids are rebels, or at least at my school that's true. At least in every class there is that one kid who wreaks major havoc. Not only does this cause a disruption in their lives by getting in trouble, but it disrupts the entire class especially the students that actually want to learn. In conclusion, education should not be compulsory because if it doesn't ruin every student's life, it simply ruins at least one.

  • School should be compulsory

    School is very important for our life. They give us education. School is compulsory for us because really it helps us and they give me knowledge. I’m agree to school because they all lesson is not same they all are different so why it’s boring. In case school have all lessons is same then school is boring but they all are different not same. School is no hard this is very easy. If your child not goes to school they can’t your outside because they have no knowledge.

  • Depends on circumstance but most students should be required to attend school till' graduation.

    I believe that school should not be compulsory through age 18 or high school graduation due to the circumstances. If a student is eligible to be successful and can prove that they will be straight out of school then they should be able to be given the option to opt out of school or not. Otherwise, if a student doesn't want to be in school because they don't agree with the schedule/assignments/ and standards then they should not be able to have the option to drop out of school or stop attending school before the graduation date assigned for that student. What kind of America would we have if all of the students dropped out of school, if not all the majority would. I know that In 10 years I would appreciate if all of my fellow Americans attended school and graduated.

  • Like it or not.

    Whether we like it or not, we all need education. Education helps those in the future because of the way our society is going, which is you have an F in math you don’t get the job. We all need some way to make income but without education we’re are screwed in the long run. However, there is one thing that is nice about education that anyone can be happy for and that is anyone at anytime can go to school. It doesn’t matter if you're in preschool or a senior in college, education can still be accessed at anytime from anyone to anyone.

  • School should be compulsory to age 16.

    I think that if students only had to go to school until they were 16, there would be less drop outs and probably less interruptions, because only the people that actually care about their education would be attending, and the ones that didn’t could either be prepared for a job, or go their own way.

  • Schools should be compulsory!

    Being really honest here and saying yes, school should be compulsory because no one wants to go to school where you have to start early at 8:30 a.M and finish at 3:00 p.M, but we have to go to school, so we do and we end up actually enjoying ourselves. Think about it and be 100% truthful, if you didn’t have to go to school, would you keep going? We think that school should be compulsory because school helps us learn more, so far we have learnt how to spell, read, write, solve math problems and how to show presence when we are speaking. Plus, we have made friends along the way that have helped us through the school days. All schools should be compulsory because it helps us and the generation after us learn and pick up new knowledge on the way to success. If schools weren’t compulsory we would we growing up and not learning anything to help ourselves in the world!

  • Yes School Should Be Compulsory

    When a parent makes a decision it should be in his childs best interest. If a parent makes the decision that his or her child should not go to school it is not in the best interest of the child. A child may be a great intellectual force in society and that should be nurtured as a child and encouraged. I have never heard any parent say that their dream for their child is to have them uneducated and underemployed as an adult. Education is a way to better yourself. No parent should have the right to take that away from a child.

  • Yes it should be Compulsory.

    Because it gives students the opportunity to excel in everything they do. It also gives them a wider range of knowledge. Not only that but it also enables them to learn far more than not going to school. When going to school it helps with social relationships. Friends are there to support and help peers.

  • Like it or not.

    Whether we like it or not, we all need education. Education helps those in the future because of the way our society is going, which is you have an F in math you don’t get the job. We all need some way to make income but without education we’re are screwed in the long run. However, there is one thing that is nice about education that anyone can be happy for and that is anyone at anytime can go to school. It doesn’t matter if you're in preschool or a senior in college, education can still be accessed at anytime from anyone to anyone.
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  • Students are overwhelmed

    The inability to drop out of school during middle school leaves many students in a tough spot. Those who are overwhelmed with bullies or stress have no way out. Many schools emphasize the importance of reporting bullies but take little action against it. Many of these kids come from families that don't care about the kid or his or hers education. Many of these kids commit suicide as my nephew did. The school system left no choice for him. The homework is unbearable. Teachers never follow school or state issued laws concerning homework leaving the students under pressure. They expect you to do homework, have 2+ extracurricular activities, be active, have a social life, and be fine and dandy for the next day of drilling info into your head, reciting dates and facts, then forgetting it after the next test. Thank you.

  • Disregards Mental Conditions

    I personally suffer from anxiety issues. Compulsory high school education is a horrendous concept that intrudes on this, throwing me into panic attacks. Especially whenever there are careers, such as authorship and artistry, which require absolutely no certificate of education. It's painful to be overworked and have an anxiety attack over something that I will not require in my later life.

  • They affect the others who want to learn.

    As a teacher, I disagree with this statement. Education should not be forced on those who don't want to be there. The presence of those students in the classroom negatively affects the learning of the others who want to be there. It changes (in a negative way) the entire classroom dynamic. I wonder if those people who voted "yes" have ever taught in a classroom with 25+ children, several of whom would rather play around than learn. They would quickly see what a distracting environment it creates and how much it hurts those who want to learn.

  • Like anything in life, school or further education should be a choice

    When an individual is forced into a system not coherent with their own intrinsic nature the outcome is almost always unprofitable to all parties involved. The child or young adult will not be happy in the environment and therefore the environment will not be happy around the child.

    For any ecosystem to evolve and thrive all livings things must work in harmony, however the educational system is not able to provide the desires or interests of all, and those that do not feel happy in such an environment should not be forced to stay in it.

  • Coercion negates the benefits of education

    Every society wants its children to grow up to be self-sufficient, well-adjusted adults. To promote this, we seek to impart knowledge (objective facts and subjective values) and training in various skills. We call that which we seek to impart "education." To enable every child to access education, we, the taxpayers, have agreed to provide it as a public service. But does providing a public service give society the right to compel children to use it? Surely, we shouldn't prevent children who wish to come to school to do so. But those who have no interest in it should not be criminalized. Since most healthy humans are innately curious about their environment and want to succeed, they will seek out teachers when they are ready. (Is there anything wrong with starting formal schooling at age 14?) And what about those who are never ready? They cannot be forced to learn what we say they should, even if they are chained to their desks. Rather than bringing them into the fold, the penalties of resisting compulsory education will push these children farther to the edges of society.

  • Government versus parenthood

    We have to think of who is the true carer of a child, the parent or the government? If there is government legislation underpinning optional education it does not mean that the parent would suddenly go "my child is no longer going to school" - taking into account that a cultural prejudice of getting an education will still exist. Why should a child go to a school that doesn't engage them? As in it doesn't stimulate their minds, it doesn't make them want to be educated.

  • Why force children to waste their lives away?

    Compulsory schooling is counterproductive because it creates an environment where students take for granted the opportunity to learn. For example, the literacy rate of the United States was a solid 98% before compulsory education was activated. With compulsory education in effect, it hasn't gone above 91% since 1990. Any reasonable parent would put them in school anyways, so what's the harm in letting children enjoy their lives a little and not be put under so much pressure?

  • Education is an opportunity, not a force.

    Education is the key to success, but what if no one wants that key. Maybe they could've just stole the key because education doesn't really matter to most people. A lot of great people in our society have never went to school, but are still intelligent. Stereotypes and prejudice is a weapon that kills dreams. So, education shouldn't be compulsory.

  • Cumpulsory education demotivates students

    An education is an opportunity and a gift. Unfortunately, when kids don't want to be there and are forced, they feel that they are doing the teacher an or society a favor by showing up and breathing. They disrupt class, vandalize school property and steal opportunities fro other students who are actually there to learn. … Let those students go to the school of hard knocks first. Then they can show up to class to learn.

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