• This topic should be one of the most talked about topics in the country.

    "What if the cure for cancer is trapped in the mind of someone who can't afford education?"
    Everyone deserves to be educated. It's sad that intelligent people drop out because they can't afford to take another loan or because books got too expensive. Other students juggle 3 jobs with their classes. Education wouldn't be free even if it was, we would be paying back our community by studying hard and getting a decent job! Education elevates one's status, we want to elevate our country's status.

  • Education should be free, an educated citizen is a productive citizen.

    Education should be accessible to everyone. An educated citizen is a more productive citizen therefore able to pay more taxes (well ideologically speaking since we still refuse to tax high income earners properly). The cost of college education here in the US has gone up 500% since the 1980s without offering anything more than it did back then (except for maybe internet access). College grads are left with huge loans to re-pay often in the hundreds of thousands and the average income for a new grad nationwide is approximately 35 to 40k. The claim that free education promotes mediocrity is completely bogus, simply because you have access to free education doesn't mean you will be able to easily graduate.

  • For the betterment of the human race!

    The availability of great education is already open source and ready for anyone, with the motivation, to learn it. The perpetuating view of education as a rare commodity is a downward spiral, not only for individuals, but also for the nation as a whole. Most people have heard that few things are rights and are required for survival, for example, water, food and shelter. Education must be added to the list. It has been quite clear that in recent years the average American is falling behind in science, engineering and mathematics, allowing the nation itself to fall behind in development and job creation. Obviously, it is not only a personal endeavor to become educated, being an educated country is a national interest. The nation has goals of being self-sufficient with most commodities such as energy, fuel, materials, and the list goes on. How can a nation expect such high achievements with such an unbelievably selective method of individual success? If education was viewed as a national interest, and therefore, paid for with public money, a national could support success of not only its people, but also the nation as a whole.

  • yes it should be free

    Education should be free because some parents cant afford it. So if education was free more children would be in school.It is unfair that only the parents that have money gets to send there child/children to school every child must be given a chance because some children have the talent but there parents dont have the money.That is why i think education should be free

  • Yes it should be free.

    Education should be free because some people can have a very good future and they can get many scholarships but not all of them would pay for school. Another reason why it should be free is because a lot of the people that do bad things are the ones that had a future but couldn't because they didn't have enough money.

  • Yes, education should be free.

    Nearly every country in the developed world, and more and more in the developing world, provide free primary and secondary education. Such education is generally uncontroversial and accepted as necessary by both liberals and conservatives around the world. In the case of university education, however, there is a great deal of disparity between educational policies. In many states students must pay fees to attend university, for which they may seek student loans or grants.

  • We should have free education in the U.S

    We live in a system where the rich get the education to get richer. We should provide the education at a very very low cost essentially making it free to change all this. We should learn from some of the European countries where college education is free and how much benefit each of these countries are having from this.

  • Of course!

    We should all be allowed the access to education. That's a reason why our economy is so bad, no one has money to repay the debts they had from college. Given the fact that going to community college first and then college is still cheapest, it doesn't mean that all people can truly afford it. I believe that it would take a lot more than just handing us a college go to for free to fix our economy but, it may be a start right?

  • Yes, education should be free.

    Everyone should have equal access to education, and the only way to accomplish this in a society with large economic class diversity is to provide education for free. That way, even the poorest citizens have the opportunity to pursue their goals and be productive in society. Without free education, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

  • Education is a human right

    All children should be given a free education so that they become useful and productive citizens. It is for the good of the nation that students be educated as they grow and that this education be free so that all my participate and hopefully participate later in the workforce and the economy.

  • Not Higher.

    Education is currently freely supplied to all residents of the US, but higher education is not. I don't think that it should be free because some degrees that people pursue require more or less work than others and yield different results. Also, since it is a person's choice to go to college, it is their responsibility to pay.

  • Parental responsibility to provide education and necessities of life

    The parents should take responsibility for education, otherwise the cost is a burden to others. It is not the state's role to look after people. People should look after themselves. Some people will not be able to afford to have children. These are considerations that should be thought through before procreating.

  • While I am a firm believer in education, public education promotes laziness

    Public schools will continue to exist because the state HAS to fund them therefore quality performance isn't required, private schools promote better education because if the education isn't quality, parents stop sending their kids there and the school suffers, if you don't send your kids to a private school, then they HAVE to go to a public school so hard work isn't encouraged

    I understand the poor's stance to this situation but they aren't getting an education at all based on the school system in the inner cities, the teachers don't care and if a crappy one gets fired, the unions protest and nothing is solved.

    Bottom line, I don't believe in free education, I believe in QUALITY education, because a school can be free all it wants but if it isn't really providing an education, then it isn't an education at all, our kids deserve the best they can get

  • Will be like public schools

    If college tuition is free than it will end up like public schools and the education will dilute because of this; students wont learn as much as they should. If it becomes free taxes will increase for the tax payers. You should have to work hard and earn a full ride to college if you want it to be free.

  • Education should not be free

    The providing of free education from the government means the possibilities of the pushing of an agenda. Not to mention, this has to do a lot with the flawed human nature and the conditions we are placed in. If education were to be given for free, those born in these types of conditions will mostly see this as most of us see technology, not that important and is just there. While I do believe standard education, such as character development, basic courses such as grammar, science, etc, should be free, top-notch quality education should be paid.

  • Idk because I have no job

    Hi im Vicky pollard from benwell I have 7 kids to 7 different dads and I belive that they should pay for their education because my kids shouldnmt have to go to school with thick kids who cant afford an education. Tesco value food and save up. Vicky pollard - full time mam and bin raider

  • It should be free

    Many people are intelligent but when it comes to paying parents don't have money for example a kid called David was having poor parents with no money this kid was good in his studies when it came to price giving he was not given his prices because he did not pay fees

  • Tax and Quality

    If education would be free then people will just be required to pay more tax (so it wouldn't really be free).
    If education wold be free then the quality of it would go down because as much money as the government has, it won't be able to supply enough to keep quality levels up.

  • Education shouldnotbe free

    If education is free thier children will not concert on studies because they will think that it is free and do anything in class so education should not be free i know poor too want education but if he does hardwork then the thing he is studying will be valuable !

  • For any thing u will pay.. U value more

    No there is need to think logically not emotionally. What if there is no pay for education will u try to earn more so that your children would gain better education. May be some will not take education seriously . N if we really want a quality education so there are many other options rather thn get education free

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Anonymous says2013-04-16T05:45:20.513
Yes!!!!!!!!Education is best to be free.