• Education should be controlled locally, to give the best results for each district.

    If education were controlled nationally, students in areas with specific needs wouldn't have those needs addressed because the institution would be following a system applied throughout the nation.
    Local control of education would ensure that the economic and demographic needs of each student population could be addressed and handled in small groups fit to make those kinds of decisions.

    Posted by: laceydoesit
  • Education should be locally controlled.

    Education should be locally controlled because the Constitution of The United States clearly defines the powers granted the Federal Government and all other powers are granted the individual states. The founding fathers understood that local governments are more capable of managing local matters. The bloated Department of Education is a huge tax burden and only duplicates the efforts of state and local government.

    Posted by: JamieM
  • In general, yes.

    While there should be some standards set by the State Governments and Federal Government, the way school are run are best left to the local community.

    Local Government can be much easier to run and control. Direct Democracy and accountability also takes shape. As long as the States are making sure everyone is receiving quality education, it should be fine.

  • The State knows how to run it's schools!

    It's as simple as this, who can run a Texas school better? Washington or the State of Texas? Who can run a California school better? Washington or the state of Texas? The State can run it's own schools! Washington is taking away the rights and responsibilities of States!

  • Education should be locally controlled as to be more responsive to the educational needs and values of the local community.

    It is a simple fact that local communities know their children better than the federal government in Washington D.C. The local communities are thus better placed to make educational decisions. Furthermore, communities differ vastly across the United States in wealth, heritage, culture, etc., and it is impossible for the federal government to make a 'one size fits all' approach with education to accommodate all these differences.

    Posted by: EminentBennett93
  • Education ought to be locally controlled, because those in the community know what is best for the students who live there.

    Permitting national control of all education does not allow local educators the ability to provide for the specific needs of the students in their communities. There are often big differences between the levels of ability in different locations that require special methods of teaching, and stating that all must follow one protocol will not work.

    Posted by: ender31444
  • I agree education should be locally controlled.

    If education is locally controlled it can easily meet the needs of the city or state. Every issue is different from state to state and city to city. I think it would be great that each school is locally controlled. Maybe a national committee can be set up to ensure that each school follows a certain guideline so all students are on par.

    Posted by: StripperMor
  • Education should be locally controlled, because that power is not designated to the federal government.

    Education should be locally controlled, because the Constitution clearly defines the powers granted to the federal government, and education is not one of those powers. Local governments are more responsive to local needs. National control of education would add an unnecessary level of bureaucracy, costing a great deal of tax money.

    Posted by: jackprague94
  • Too much bureaucracy in education today!

    Today, our student populations are being compared to each other by means of test scores. The reality is that our populations of students are all different and have different abilities and needs. I do believe that the federal government should provide monetary support to school in impoverished areas, and that would be a drop in the bucket compared to what they spend on tanks and bombs. I think a national curriculum of standards is important, however, these tests that we are currently giving are statistically designed to create a spread among all of the students taking them. If you believe that there is no discrimination happening here, then you are incredibly mistaken. These tests are making rich publishing companies richer, and Mr. White is happy to show teachers, who work hard for very little financial reward, what they are not achieving. Walk into my school where we teach science in English to children who barely speak the language and have never been out of the inner city since they came to this country. See math teachers teaching math to newcomers in Spanish, who work better than the rest of the students, because in Mexico, they are taught to RESPECT teachers, even though they have never used a calculator before. Oklahoma has one of the lowest educational levels for many reasons, and when teachers worry about keeping their jobs and cannot take the time to address the needs of the students, because even though they do not understand that 1/4 is the same as 0.25 is the same as 25%, it's not on their science test. They'll get a calculator for that. Let's make sure they understand genetic probabilities!!!! That is what is on the test. Tell me how this makes sense.

  • Education Best Controlled Locally

    As the federal government has become more involved in national education, actual learning by students has gone down. Parents, leaders, and others within a community have a vested interest in their children receiving a solid education. Their children represent the success of the local community, generation from generation. I would prefer seeing the federal (national) education system acting more like a research and development division of a business, identifying benchmarks, best practices, etc. that the local school district, like a decentralized business, can choose from. The local school district can make better choices about the needs of the community than a centralized, federal system, with a one-size fits all approach. Common Core is a good example of a federal failure (don't believe the arguments that Common Core isn't from the feds).

  • I want Local Control by consumer (student), not by provider (school, teacher)!

    Local control compares itself to its neighbors and not to its competitors in a global economy. We ignore the needs of the workforce and individual finance in determining educational standards and content. We should include mass distribution of content (like farmers using milking machines) then teachers can focus on students needing help and application of knowledge. Our present discussion of information technology, like the internet, seem anemic to me. The lack of flexibility seems frustrating.
    Communication skills and productivity seem lost in the debate. Why debate the issue instead of discussing ways to include common concerns. Our politicians might learn something!!
    Local control must ultimately be by the consumer (learner, parent, taxpayer) not the provider (teacher, school). We must focus on learning, not teaching. Teachers and schools must support learners the way businesses support customers. At present, it seems the other way around.
    I am frustrated when discussions are limited because people debate the choices instead of discussing how to include the best of each idea.
    Education should be examined by each level to determine common interests, standards, ideas and resources that can be shared at that level. Present DeptED cannot by law even influence by advice any choices in education.
    This means we cannot have a watchdog comparing U.S. Education to other counties. Our present rankings is made at 8th grade and does not look at graduates.
    Present "LOCAL CONTROL" gives too much power to the providers(teachers, schools) and not enough to customers(learners, parents, tax payers). Education improvements are focused on teacher concerns(like jobs) overriding learner convenience and benefits. It costs too much for each level(and each school) to do the same research and outcome development from scratch. Let's share the knowledge at each level as a beginning point of any discussion.
    THIS IS THE INFORMATION AGE, but we limit the usage of information technology to teacher concerns. We must focus on learners, not teachers.

  • Education should be nationally controlled to ensure that every child receives the same quality education.

    Since schools in depressed areas consistently perform beneath schools in more affluent areas, I think education needs to be overseen on a national level to ensure that all children have a fair chance at a good education.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Education should be controlled at the national level, to help improve conformity and quality.

    Education is far too variable, with radically different standards and curricula, just across state lines from each other. With the increased mobility of today's families, this causes unnecessary challenges and disruptions. In addition, an education from one state is certainly not equal to an education from another state. This is from personal experience, having lived in multiple states during my educational career. National control would improve quality and conformity, and reduce barriers to mobility for families.

    Posted by: 5h3rIsdead
  • Education needs to be controlled at both levels to ensure quality and equality.

    If education is only controlled by the federal government, there would be too much opportunity for oversight. And if only local governments have control, there are vast inequalities from region to region. The variance in the quality of education can be drastic in as few as 20 miles, even though it is public.

    Posted by: daveyxh
  • States develop different education,ideas and concept of life.

    Through out the world, there are thousands of states and each of them have different ways of educating the youth which creates tension between different communities. For example, if we all learn about the history of both winners and loser of wars/conflicts, us(as teenagers) will possess better qualities of treating our peers. Also learning the same ideas would help us get a better overall societies where maybe less discrimination is present

  • State Control to Equalize Funding

    There are too many funding disparities between schools, districts, and states that create huge achievement gaps. Since the majority of each school's budget is based upon local property taxes, areas with wealthier tax bases are able to provide better student-to-teacher ratios, better teachers (because they can pay more), and improved technology and resources. If the local tax base variable was removed, these drastic achievement gaps may be lessened.

  • nope

    currently, there is still a great deal of discrimination in schools, especially in funding. Poor areas, which generally consist of higher minority populations, are almost always funded less than schools in wealthy areas only the federal government can compel state governments, which are usually controlled by the wealthy, to eliminate this discrepancy between the quality of schools for poor, minority students.

  • Education should be nationally controlled because the tests for college admissions are nationally standardized.

    If every school or school district was completely on its own, then the standards for education in a country would not be met everywhere. A school district in Idaho could have less stringent educational qualities than a school in California. If the education was controlled on a national level, then every school would have to meet the same standards.

    Posted by: TigerAmb
  • I think education should be nationally controlled, so that all subjects are uniformly taught between states.

    I think that, instead of local control, education should be nationally controlled. Students move across states and, if they learned the same thing in every state, it would be an easier transition for the student, his family, and his teacher. If it was nationally controlled, we could use test scores to compare states. As it is now, comparing states with different tests is not really a comparison.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73

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