• Yes, Education should be mandatory

    Every single kid in this world would try to convince their parents that they should go to school and so everyone would be a total stupid noob. Kids these days just sit at home and play fortnite all day long, And all they learn how to do is work an Xbox controller. Kids need to have productive lives, And school is the only way to accomplish that.

  • Expand mandatory education.

    We need to expand education to make college mandatory and fully funded. We should have no tolerance for the uneducated. There is no excuse to drop out of school. We need to make intelligence something to be commended. Instead, we adore rappers, reality stars and idiots instead of scientists.

  • Depends on what you mean

    Yes it should if you don't count it as schools. Personally i think schools are horrible not because i'm a student, but because of their sheer advantages.

    1: You can't be with your parents when young which could cause disputes when older
    2: It virtually doesn't teach you anything
    3: A parent would teach you much better since they know you personally
    4: It puts you under control and only puts forth the left side of brain, and i think it's the right side which creates masterpieces, and the left side can follow.
    5: 99% of schools cater for the underdeveloped students
    6: They normally only teach you things which the government want you to know.

    But seriously I can tell they're horrible and i'm 12 -_-

    Posted by: yvoo
  • It creates equality

    Before education was mandatory in many countries the rich stayed rich and the poor stayed poor. Now education gives people the chance to step out of their inborn circumstances and create a real future for themselves.

    There are so many base life skills such as reading and writing which you can get through life without today.

  • Education is a must and a basic need for everyone

    I think education should be mandatory for all. Leaving aside the factors of how well it is run, we have to look at it from a macro perspective of the entire event. Education is basically the process of learning whether formally or informally. For both aspects, it should be a mandatory because education is a stepping stone, a bridge everyone has to cross before stepping out into the real world. From my own point of view, as stupid as the educational system here is, i still reserve a few points of gratitude to it. This is because I have learnt SO MUCH from school not only from books but rather the experiences of rushing an assignment, dealing with people and balancing one's time. As painstaking as education is, it bears one of the greatest harvest one could have, as aristotle once quoted:" The roots of education are bitter, but the fruits are sweet" :)

  • Some children cannot go

    They cannot go because sometimes they have to work because their family is so poor or they cant go because they live on their own and have nowhere to stay while in school. They cantecause sometimes they have to work because their family is so poor or they cant go because they live on their own and have nowhere to stay while in school

  • School should not be mandatory, but it has to be.

    All over the world you are taught things in school, so that you can live and thrive in your community, but they don't tell you that our elders forced us to live in this situation! Can you survive and lead a happy life without school? Yes, but school is meant to prepare us for the world that we live in, the one that HUMANS made! When we start school how many of us try to prepare for the life we want? Instead we all blindly accept what they tell us! School is just a religion basically the entire world believes!

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