• WE are better

    Any way guys i have no other reasons to say y i support this ,but still stop fighting guys we are a million times better.The thing is that we are people who studies in private schools and there are more and they don't have time to comment on shit like this.Hahahahaha burnt!!!!

  • It should be

    Many of the schools are privatised in India. Including many schools in bangalore like daffodils English school, shipshape sagar school, etc. My school is privatised and I am very happy with that. They have more facilities than government schools. So I like to conclude that school should be privatised.Thank you.

  • Yes, education should be privatized.

    Education should be private not just in India but also in the United States. By allowing business to compete for the best education to offer, they will bring down prices and allow students to buy the best education possible. As long as it is not monopolized, the idea of privatizing a service is better for the students or consumers.

  • It can harm the system of education

    When education should privatize. It start the difference between poor and rich children. And the family of poor children is not supoort his son to go school when they give fee to any private school. In governments school there are many type of skim started by government to regular coming of students in school like, Mid day, Give cycle, Clothes. And government not take fee'. So that's why privatized education should be not start in India.

  • Education is not menu

    I think that there should be uniform system of education in India ,not various rate list for our right.Privatization of education is making education a commodity which can be purchased by paying the cost of that fixed by various shop of education, having competition to sell more items through brokers.

  • Our gvt. Is doing so good,

    Gvt. Of India has launched so many schemes selflessly i.e. without any mean or i can say the mean is that to educate the students. I think there is hardly any private company which does not thinks of its benefit, it is gvt only who take initiative to tech or educate students selflessly,

  • Nationalized education is the only way

    Currently India holds more bachelors degrees than any other country in the world. India has more people with a bachelors degree or higher than the United States has citizens. It seems the education system in India is working just fine. I work with quite a few individuals from India in the IT industry.

  • Human resource in private sector

    Just think about a situation where a poor person is really wanting to make his children educated, but is not able to because of the high fees that is to be paid....Is Education a right?,,,yes it is according to Indian Constitution at least....How can someone privatise a right?....It is absolutely absurd...In fact, Humanity must strive towards creating such a situation where every person has the right to study in the course he chooses, irrespective of his background so that there is a sense that world is moving towards knowledge economy.....

  • Knowledge is not a consumer good.

    Privatization of the basic needs of human beings is bad enough, but when we apply the rules of an unregulated market system to education, we do all students and society in general a disservice. What about the poor? Should they be excluded from school all together? Education is a right of all citizens, not those who happen to be greedier than the rest of us.

  • I don't think so

    I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that privatizing education will produce any tangible benefits. It's a big time myth that adding a profit incentive automatically improves everything. Nobody should be drawing huge profits off the education of children. Administrators would attempt to draw huge salaries from the system and screw over the students.

  • Absolutely not, it's all political.

    School SHOULD NOT be privatized. Education should be completely non profit. The minute there are profits involved, people start to get taken advantage of. Teachers are forced to do more with less and students get shafted in the end. The process of privatizing schools is a ploy by the far right wing because they do not want science and evolution in schools and this is the only way to force creationism onto others without having to meet the same standards as public education.

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