• that is what a collective organization is

    If you have ever listened to politicians speak about education, they always say, "We need to fix the education system." It is just a way of describing how each individual teacher, school administrator, principle, and bus driver make up a little piece of the whole education system. It is nothing bad, but just what it is because so many people work in education. Education should be referred to as the "education system."

  • Yes, education should be refered to as a system.

    I think that education should be referred to and regulated to an expected standard. That is why I think the term system is appropriate. But I do think that teachers should also be able to incorporate their own ways and tactics on how to teach kids. Education is something that can be looked at in various ways.

  • Yes, I think education should be referred to as a "system".

    I think overall education is a system, it's a system of lessons and practices that teaches someone how to do or learn about a certain area of interest, so overall education is a finely tune system that is constantly tweaked to achieve maximum performance, so overall I would consider educated a "system".

  • Is it a system

    Education needs to be thought of and referred to as a system, because the system is failing us and failing our youth. Although it may sound improper or disrespectful to pigeonhole the entire concept of education as being a system, the problems related to it in this country are indeed systemic and need to be corrected.

  • Education is key

    Education should not be referred to as the system. Education is so complex and crucial in this country that no one word would be sufficient to describe it. It is many different things to people. Education for small kids is about reading and writing and for older people it is all about learning knowledge to help them work.

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