Should education only be concerned with what is useful in life?

  • Yes it should

    Education indeed should be concerned with what is useful in life. Why waste your money,time and energy on something that you are never going to apply to your daily life? You don't go to a stall and ask for x bowls of soup, neither do you write chemical equations for every single thing u do. Am not saying you should not learn mathematics at all, but why the hassle of finding useless values of x for equations that look so alien to you?

  • Yes it should

    Yes, education should be primarily concerned for what is useful in life, however what is useful in life is determined by the culture of the people being educated, and what is deemed useful is not always what is most useful. History and science obviously have massive uses, both on individuals and society at large.

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  • Theories, Ideas Lead to Inventions

    Education should disseminate practical knowledge. However, it should also be concerned with new ideas and new theories. Consider technology common today that was, 50 years ago, just an idea? Computer disks, video conferencing and cell phones were all stuff of science fiction in the 1960s, but now those technologies are commonplace. Practical knowledge is nice, but imagination and ideas are equally as important to move our modern society forward with new inventions.

  • Not only on those useful in life

    We have to be all rounded and we will never know what's useful in the future.
    This way it also test our limits, capabilities, perseverance and expands our mind. Though some stuffs we are taught are not useful now, they might come in handy in the future. Even if they are not, they still benefit us in some way.

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