• Yes They Should

    I believe educational standards should be the same throughout the country. I believe this is very important since many students from public schools seek to go to college afterward. Colleges can't function properly if students don't enter at some sense of a level playing field. I also think it's important to offer every student in the US a chance and that's not possible if they can't all receive the same education.

  • Yes, educational standards should be the same throughout the country.

    Educational standards should most certainly be the same throughout the country. Why should one region of our country be expected to outperform another, or why should one region's children not be as important as another? If we held our entire country to the same standards, we wouldn't have such glaring differences in states such as Mississippi and Alabama.

  • Yes, I think educational standards should be the same throughout the country.

    I think having nationwide educational standards benefits the overall health of the education system nationwide, I think we need to make sure the lowest performing areas in the nation are educating to a level that prepares their students for the modern workforce and doesn't leave them far behind everyone else.

  • Yes, they should be

    I think they should spend the budget correctly in order to allow everyone to have the same level of education, it would be hard though. I think a kid in a small town, which is mainly poor, should have the same change as a rich kid from suburbia. If you need to balance the budget to do so, then do it. It doesnt work like that though, and I know that.

  • Standards would be uplifting for all.

    In a nation the size of the United States, we really do need to standardize education throughout the entire country. By doing this, our educational priorities would be unified. A child in Alabama or California could have just as much opportunity to receive a good education like New York. Let's do this.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Educational standards should be different throughout the country be cause educational needs are different throughout the country. Shouldn't schools in a rural area focus more on the agricultural studies like plant biology. If you try to standardize schooling then you will likely over prepare students in some aspects and under prepare them in other aspects. I think that it is better if standardize state wide or district wide schooling.

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