Should Edward Snowden be charged with a crime for disclosing the NSA surveillance program?

  • Yes. It damaged our national security.

    Snowden may have had good intentions, but it would be a mistake to judge the leaks by its intentions rather than effect. Enemies were immediately observed changing their communications habits as to avoid surveillance following the leaks. It is clear that the NSA has sufficient legal authority to conduct legitimate counter-terrorism surveillance. If there were some unethical or illegal operations within the NSA, there were greater legal options for Snowden than dramatically releasing thousands of sensitive documents. He should be trialed and punished for his crimes.

  • He broke the law

    Edward Snowden broke the law. And that's that, well I appreciate knowing this information I really don't care what the NSA does. I have nothing to hide so I don't care if they listen to me. And if they catch terrorists than it's not a bad thing. But Snowden broke the law and betrayed his country. And now he's threatening to reveal more and is a big national security threat. And he's in Russia's hands.

  • Law is law

    The fact is I think he was absolutely right to do what he did, and hopefully his disclosures will open people's eyes. But as long as I support him, I have to reckon he committed a crime. He had a contract, and he broke the terms, which is reprehensible. This is a bit of a dilemma, because the beneficial effects of the crime counterbalance the fact that the crime was committed, but I think he should be given a sanction for a representative purpose. He was himself conscious that he was committing a crime and was completely ready to face the consequences.

  • Snowden should be charged

    Snowden is putting the US and other countries in danger by telling people what the government is doing such as watching what we do but his leaks are giving terrorists a HUUUGE advantage. He should be charged with the Espionage Act because he has damaged the US with his leaks.

  • The one who breaks the law is the governement.

    We have a right to privacy. If we don't than we should go ahead and admit we are communist country and change the constitution. We are doing what the founding fathers said. There will need to be a drastic change and its coming.Like the founding fathers said . He is a brave hero Mr Snowdon. The government has become to big. They should only spy on terrorist. But these people get bored and have all these toys they want to justify there jobs that they are overpaid for. The funny thing is all the people who take an oath to defend the constitution violate that oath and they should be tried for treason not snowden

  • Snowden is a true partiot.

    Ed Snowden did what he thought was right while going through a tough moral dilemma. Myself and many other Americans would have done the exact same thing. This brave man risked everything to help the American people understand the atrocity that our government is becoming and we shouldn't even think about faulting him for it.

  • No our government is taking to much control

    Were just letting the government take more control by each bill that is passed, But Americans are stupid and don't realize that its happening very slow. This is the way towards socialism and Obama is a very smart man and he is tricking people to believe him. This is not the way America is supposed to be.

  • We need more people like Edward Snowden, NSA broke the law and they are the ones that needs to be punished.

    Stealing is against the law if anyone else did it .They would be charged..NSA steals anyone's email, texts, phone conversations witout REAL just cause .Like someone is planning something bad on innocent people. NSA should be charged for thief and the place be taken down. I bet you ask any of the NSA people if they would like to be spied on and they would say no.

  • We have a right.

    Snowden was showing us what should rightfully be shown, our rights are to speak as we choose and the people of America have believed in it ever since the time when we first appeared in America. Our words are supposed to be like private property and when we have something or someone looking at something that should be private we feel invaded and that invasion is breaking the trust between us and our government. The government shouldn't keep secrets from us and showing us what we need to see isn't a crime.

  • Snowden did what was correct.

    By disclosing the NSA surveillance of United States citizens, he was doing so in an entirely correct manner. The government, through NSA surveillance, were directly violating their constitutional right to the people which give them power. Snowden was able to release information showing the issue at hand and that the administration was in the wrong.

  • A hero is no braver than the common man, but he is braver for 5 minutes more.

    And this hero is braver for the rest of his life!! This guy has opened our eyes and has told that our privacy is becoming a toy for the governments! They play around with it as they like and to do this all in the name of security is even more disgraceful.

  • Wake up people

    A government shouldnt lie to its country, Edward Snowdon being imprisoned for exposing the government lies is ridiculous, we cant break the law and if we did there would be consequences, Edward Snowdon exposed crimes within our government and those who broke those laws should be punished appropriately. No longer should the people have to suffer for the governments flaws, things have to change, if the government have no punishment or consequences to this event, they will continue to break laws and the. Lies and secrets and crimes will get worse, how far are we going to let our governments trample all over us? Change or accept the fate of your children and your children's

  • He is beat for freedom

    He is hero,and Telling the truth is a brave behavior ,he DID the thing many many ppl know but donot dear to expose,so I think the action of SNOWDEN is terrible Justice!Maybe the way he choice is not smart enough ,and he should united other ppl first,and think the room for maneuver.However, I suggest strongly more and more real man appeal for him,and and most important,we should think the smart and right method to solve the problem of Privacy of single man.

  • This man is a hero

    Edward Snowden, although he denies it, is a hero. Through standing up to the US gov't and NSA, he put his job, his freedom and his life in danger just so WE could have our freedoms. He made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. What the US and British gov't were doing was wrong. I used to trust Apple, Google and Microsoft with anything..But I'm not sure about these American companies anymore.

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