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  • No, Edward Snowden thought he had a good thing to do.

    No, Edward Snowden should not be likened to the Boston Bombers, because Edward Snowden thought he was doing a good thing. Edward Snowden appeared to care for the welfare of the people of the United States when he revealed how in-depth domestic spy programs are. The Boston Bombers wanted nothing but to cause suffering of innocent people.

  • Wow, really? Seriously?

    I can't even believe this is an opinion poll. Really. I can only assume this question was planted by an NSA-sympathizer in the war to recreate history. Ha. One guy hurts no one except a ruling regime that has discarded the Bill of Rights to invade citizen privacy at every turn. And even that was just a well-earned scourge on their legitimacy. Ah, what Stalin would have given for the "turn-key tyranny" that we have set up in the U.S. From the "The Gulag Archipelago": "p.64 “…people were sentenced not only for actual espionage but also for: PSh—Suspicion of Espionage—or NSh—Unproven Espionage—for which they gave the whole works. And even SVPSh—Contacts leading to (!) Suspicion of Espionage.” Imagine if they had access to every online interaction of every citizen!!! Free (and justifiable) imprisonment for all! If we had a million Snowden's, we'd be better off as a country.

    Posted by: dj21

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