Should Edward Snowden have done what he did?

Asked by: Valkrin
  • He exposed a corrupt government action

    First, understand that Snowden was careful not to include names or anything that could cause a legitimate threat to America (except the backlash for spying on allies and citizens). Leaks like this are the only way the government is in any way being held accountable at this point. Metadata collection by the government is something that should have been open for public debate. Honestly, the fact that whistleblowers are necessary is dangerous because an individuals shouldn't get to decide what confidential information the public needs. However, until the government is more trustworthy and transparent, I am for whistleblowers.

  • No non no

    Why would you leak classified info about the gov. Not cool man. Maybe their is more behind it, but for now, NO NO NO. I would die if i told some of my friends by brothers secrets. Violation of privacy, and just simply not cool. Just for emphasis, NO NO, NO

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