Should efforts to address gun violence focus on the inner city first?

  • Yes, focus where the violence routinely occurs

    Whether or not gun control laws are in effect, virtually all inner cities have an ample supply of firearms being used for criminal activity. If you want to focus on the matter of gun control, it only makes sense to look at where the problems are occurring. Enforce the existing laws where the problems are obvious.

  • Yes, I believe that control of gun violence should begin with addressing the illegal guns being touted on the streets of our cities

    As a good friend of mine always says, the law abiding citizens and those who have legal registered weapons are going to be the first ones to turn in their guns if the laws are changed. The real problem is the myriads of illegal and unregistered weapons that can be purchased in the back alleys of the inner cities as easily as one would buy a candy bar. I live in the inner city. I see what happens. My own sister was shot in front of my apartment building because she was Caucasian and dared to decline a drunken advance from an African American "gangbanger" who had moved into our building only days before. We found out at the trial, after he was arrested for shooting someone else in another part of the city, that he was an "enforcer" for a local drug gang and they found over 20 illegal weapons in his possession at the time of his arrest. She survived, but carries that bullet embedded in her spine to this day. All of the recent layoffs of first responders, police and other emergency personnel have given the thugs and criminals an upper hand. They know that response time is slowed. They know that they have a better chance of getting away with these weapons and the crimes they commit with them. And once the law abiding citizens are forced/coerced into turning over their legal and registered weapons, they will have no self defense against these miscreants who have no regard for the law. I was raised in a gun household. I was taught to shoot at a young age. My father, and indeed my whole family, had legal registered guns in the house and on display. I was HORRIBLY picked on and ostracized in my small town school for being "different". But I never went to a mall and shot innocent people or stormed my school and picked off the abusers. I had a good sense of right and wrong and I have self control. The man down the street, who is working hard to improve our neighborhood and has spent considerable amounts of money rehabbing abandoned and foreclose properties on our block, has been confronted four times in the last 5 months on his properties by drug addicts and copper thieves. On two of those occasions, by gun-wielding individuals who were startled and wanted to get away at all costs. The police do not respond for hours around here if there is only a break in and the neighbors have gotten so used to the street violence that they do not call the authorities for sounds of gunfire anymore. Call me a pessimist if you like, but I am making an educated guess that the guns being fired in this area are probably not legal registered weapons, and therefore would not be decreased or at all impacted by any pending legislation.

  • We Shouldn't Automatically Focus On The Inner Cities

    Gun violence is definitely a problem. It is very difficult to control or stop it. I do not think there is a specific formula on how we should go about it or it would have been documented already. The focus of the efforts should be different in every city and state. Some inner cities do not have the same amount of gun violence.

  • Gun Violence should concentrate on fixing poverty adn treating the mentally ill

    Inner cities are flooded with poverty which leads to despair. Just making guns harder to get or increasing penalties on possessing illegal weapons does not fix the real problems. The problem is a belief that society is set against them and therefore acting outside of societies values is the only way to survive and thrive bring them back into the fold and stop discarding them and violence will reduce.

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