Should egg freezing be available to every woman?

Asked by: nout.vissers
  • Every woman should have the opportunity to be a mother.

    Firstly, I have no idea why 'meat and poultry' is a related topic, but anyway, surely you would rather have your eggs frozen, and wait for the right person to have a child with, than getting pregnant with some guy you met outside Asda?! Having a child is a huge commitment and women should wait to find the right person to start a family with. Some women are less fertile than others, but should still have an equal opportunity at being a mother.

  • What happens to women who don't freeze their eggs?

    When women working for certain companies decide not to get their eggs frozen, what will happen to them? Will they be discriminated against, demoted, or even fired because they chose not to stay with the company and have children? The idea sounds good on paper, but in practice if firms decide to freeze women's eggs they may end up favoring those who choose to put their paternal plans on hold as a sign of their dedication. This is a temporary solution to a growing problem. It only delays the period when women will exit the workforce to have their children.

  • Why should you have to pay for someone else to reproduce?

    The fact is that services that are provided to everyone are never financially contributed to by everyone. Services available to everyone are funded by tax money, which essentially means that a limited demographic of people will be paying for all women to be able to freeze their eggs. Reproduction is a personal choice and is not necessary. The rest of society should not have to carry the financial burden of the personal choice of another. Egg freezing is in fact available to every woman already...If they can pay for it themselves. Why should you pay for someone else to have a child?

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