• Yes I like him

    He is a very very very very very very very good man and I love him he is hot a$$ and dope and wow l o lololo n I kinda like it when he has jewelry because he is a their and discrase to scociety and I am only 7 and I like to talk please talk to me peoples

  • He was a criminal

    Nobody should buy El Chapo brand jewelry. He was a criminal and his name should not be used for commercial purposes. Neither he nor his family have the right to profit from his name when he has caused so much devastation in so many people's lives. At the end of the day he is a criminal and he should be treated like one.

  • Criminals shouldn't be fashion divas

    Just because some actor got fooled into shaking hands (ha ha) with a drug cartel leader, doesn't mean the fashionistas need to be wearing anything with an El Chapo brand. People have died from the poison of the drugs, as well as the bloody street fights because of the drugs. Drug culture starts with the drug cartel: stop advertising for them.

  • No, El Chapo's family shouldn't profit off of his name.

    No, El Chapo-branded jewelry shouldn't be sold at all. Knowing El Chapo's experience in business, allowing his family to trademark his name and profit off of it means that at least some of the money will eventually make it back to El Chapo. The Mexican government and prospective customers shouldn't contribute to the drug lord's future.

  • It is disgusting

    People don't seem to understand the damage that El Chapo has done, not just in Mexico but in the United States by importing his drugs here. He has gotten rich off of killing his enemies, including law enforcement and politicians. To me it would be the same as having a line of jewelry called Hitler.

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