• Elder abuse is a large problem in society and should be controlled

    Although the question is vague, elder abuse is clearly a problem that is happening. Because older people are sometimes delusional, it is difficult to determine if elder abuse is actually happening. But when it does happen, it is definitely not something that should be allowed to continue. More programs should be put into place to make sure that senior citizens are not being harmed by careless health workers.

  • Elder abuse is ingratitude

    The elderly are considered worthless and useless in their later years of life they are not given the respect they’ve earned as in the past when children and grandparents got together and learned and comforted each other they taught the kids lessons in life theyd learned you can’t learn or convey wisdom from a computer only knowledge wisdom comes from years of life’s experiences suffering hardships happy moments of the past a world they know nothing of a feel for the past history

  • Yes, elder abuse must be abolished!

    The question of if elder abuse should be abolished is a very simple one. It is a fundemental human right to live without neglect, abuse, or maltreatment. We have legislation in place for the ethical treatment of animals and prisoners, to ensure their well being. It is just plain common sense that elder abuse needs to end.

  • Yes,elder abuse should be abolished.

    Because it is usually a commonly accepted cultural norm elder abuse should be abolished.Many time the elderly are not able to take of themselves so they constantly need help to continue on with their lives.There is no need to abuse them when they have been there for people their entire life.

  • Elder Abuse is a No

    It is not, because simply elders should be respected, with a life that is not with strict regulations, since they are seniors or citizens already, compared to adults. This way, if they get abolished, then their rights as an elder will not be free. Would you treat your parents that are already seniors or grandparents by abolishing them? No!

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